Softball at A&M game 3

Hogs jump out to 3-0 lead in the first inning, including Hannah Gammill’s two run homer, team’s 97th of the season.

Then Spencer Prigge hit a two-run bomb in the second. 5-0.

Aggies cut it to 5-4, then we got all four runs back in the top of the fifth on homers by Danielle Gibson and Linnie Malkin to make it 9-4. That’s 100 homers for the season. Still batting.

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Let’s goooooo….

I’m watching without sound. Top of 5th. Runner on first and #23 hit to shortstop who didn’t attempt to throw out but the call was first base runner out and #23 still at bat. What happened?

I had the sound turned down too but I think Sides was called out for leaving first base too soon.

Play by play confirms it. Sides left early and was called out.

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Hogs win 9-5, take all eight SEC series this year. Record is now 41-9.


Job well done ladies!! Get ready to take on Missouri…

It isn’t Missouri, Billy. Somebody at SEC Now badly jumped the gun. We play the Georgia-Rebnecks winner.

Well you would figure the SEC channel would know what’s going on that’s why I quoted it… but that’s exactly what they had up there

Great! I was hoping they would get to 100!!

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What they put up was probably how it stood this morning. But there were six games today and the standings changed.

That may have been what they did. Either way we’re going to have a good opponent for our first game.

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