social media

after looking at the pancake graphic the football staff did for a recruit, got a statement and question.

its apparent the football staff is on the cutting edge of recruiting via social media. it is very impressive. i think they even have guys on staff that do that stuff. awesome, can’t hurt, gotta help.

my question: do any other or our programs do this to this extent? do they need to? i rarely hear anything like this out of basketball, or baseball (the way van horne has been recruiting he might not need any help). or our golf, or women’s basketball, track, etc?

wonder it the athletic dept hired people to do this blanket for all programs. i am pretty sure the football guys that do this are budgeted to the football staff.

just a question and comment. i personally don’t do social media but the kids today all do it it seems. seems to help in football.

Basketball and baseball both do it to a certain extent, but no staff seemingly goes as hard as football has done under the new staff.