Soccer wins again

The Razorbacks beat Alabama 2-1 tonight in overtime. Lindsay Mayo scored the golden goal with about 3 minutes left in the first overtime.

Arkansas led 1-0 at halftime, but Alabama tied the game on a corner kick with about 13 minutes left in regulation. Arkansas had a chance to win earlier in overtime, but Stefani Doyle mis-hit a ball with an open net and it went off the crossbar. Doyle scored the first goal - her fifth of the season, but first in about a month.

The Razorbacks are 10-1 overall and 3-0 in conference play now. That is the best start in program history. They will play again Sunday at Ole Miss.

Arkansas was the better team for most of the game and deserved to win. Doyle is a special player. Her ability to find an opening and finish is really good. She will score a lot of goals at Arkansas.

SEC soccer standings after Thursday games:

Arkansas 3-0
South Carolina 3-0 (play at Columbia in two weeks)
Auburn 2-1
Missouri 2-1
Tennessee 2-1
A&M 2-1 (Vandy beat them 2-1 last night)
Vandy 2-1
Bama 1-1-1
Florida 1-2 (Auburn beat them 3-0 last night)
LSU 1-2
Ole Miss 1-2
Kentucky 0-2-1
Georgia 0-3
Moo U 0-3

We play at Ole Miss Sunday. Ole Miss shut out Moo U last night.