Soccer vs. Vandy, SEC tournament

We’ll have three tournament games at home, then go on the road, just like last year. Lost shootout at Rutgers to go to the College Cup. I will not be surprised if we get back to the Elite Eight. Our defense is considerably better than last year, so we’re well equipped to win 2-1 or 1-0. Attack isn’t as good though. We don’t need a shootout like that 3-3 game at BYU earlier.

You seem confident last night’s result won’t cost us a Top 8 Seed. I hope you’re proven correct. :crossed_fingers:

You’re right. Top 8 gets the three homies. But we weren’t in top 8 anyway the last time the committee announced tentative seeds, and last night didn’t help.

So that would be one home match, in all likelihood, and then on the road as a 3 seed somewhere. Notre Dame was the 3 seed in our bracket last year.

Rutgers had to win two shootouts to make the College Cup last year, and BYU, which we clobbered in August, made it to the NCG. So anything can happen. And the College Cup is back in NC this year, a pleasant 2.5 hour drive from Casa SF.

I was having to watch the match from a bit of a distance in the gym. There was no audio. I thought things looked a little strange on the PK’s. How bizarre that she would commit so early on those kicks. Does she have a history of doing that?

I predict to be in 12-16 seed quarter, which also means tougher opponent. We played ourselves into this and we are dam good being in top tier. WE can be much, much better. TAM flashback for me. Grace needs quicker feints which seemed to work several times in earlier games yesterday, howsomever that is a referee dependent trick and I did not think our ref let anything go and was real strict. Time to rest and recuperate and get ready for a small home stretch, will be 2 games and maybe more depending on results elsewhere.

I don’t think that’s correct.

A 13-16 quad (4 Seed) is guaranteed to play only the first round game at home. Their second round match would be a “neutral site” game on the home field of the 1 Seed.

Right off the top of my head, the only PK she faced that comes to mind was the one at the end of the match at Bama. I don’t remember her moving early on that one, but she probably wasn’t going to save it anyway; it was well placed. If she had managed to stop one after moving early, they could have let the shooter try again. You’re not supposed to move until the ball is kicked.

Almost correct. If we are a 3 seed (9 to 12 in the ranking), our second and third round games would be at the home field of the 2 seed, such as Notre Dame coming to Fayetteville last year (we were a 2 seed). If we’re in the 13-16 range, we go to the 1 seed. I think we will probably still be in the 9-12 range in spite of last night.

After the round of 64, the remaining 32 teams are sent to 8 sites, and the highest seed remaining after the Sweet 16 hosts the Elite Eight game in that bracket. So if you’re not top 8, you go on the road after the first round, unless the top seed in your portion of the bracket crashes out in the first round, which is extremely unlikely.

I completely agree with you. Prior to the SECT, we were ranked #9 with a #6 RPI. A PK loss should not move the needle down much.

My response to the poster was based upon his feeling we’d be a 4 Seed.

And yes, if either the 1 or 2 Seed lose their first-round match, the host site would change.

I believe the committee will treat a PK loss as a tie. The needle won’t move much.

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