Soccer vs Texas A&M

Will actually be watchable without streaming; it was moved to ESPNU earlier in the week. Game time is 7 CT.

Aggies are 0-3 in the SEC. Hogs, ranked #12 this week, are 2-1.

This game is at home, not at A&M

You’re correct and it also started at 6 p.m. CT. No score so far

Aggies talented. Has not clicked so far this season. Here is hoping it does not click tonight.

Anna Podojil got a scrappy goal with 18 seconds left in the first half. Hogs 1-0.

Anna Podojil is two goals away from tying Arkansas’ all-time scoring record (44). That record could be put well out of reach after she returns for another season.

Whole game has been scrappy. I know our style is to create chaos. But the is zero flow. But the Hogs are winning. I’ll take it.

Did a double take. Thought the Aggies were wearing prison uniforms…. Heck, maybe they are.


No scoring after halftime but Hogs completely dominated. 1-0 final.

Going to A&M could be regarded as a sentence


I’ve never been a soccer guy but could watch the Razorbacks play Tiddly Winks. They did a great job. Fun to watch.

I even thought the announcers were good.


Colby puts the pressure on the opponents. Even when it doesn’t result in goals, it keeps things lively.

This was the first game Hog game I’ve watched and the first socer game in over a decade

It was a lot of fun. We beat aTm State Prison for Girls.

Seriously fun to watch. We spent a lot of time in the shadow of their goal.

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College Station is only 50 miles from the Texas prison complex over at Huntsville. Maybe it’s a satellite prison?


I interviewed Ava Tankersley this morning for a Hog Pod and Hogs+ video. She was delightful. We had a great visit.


Now that is funny. I went to school in Huntsville for my Masters (and met my wife). It was awful. College Station is worse. It IS prison


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