Soccer vs. Rutgers

Rutgers had the edge more than half that OT, Van Fossen must be worn out. Gotta hope to get a clean run into the wind for this last OT. Goins shoulder is hurt and we need our 2 all time big defenders to play the ball better. Rutgers is passing much better than us.

Rutgers looks gassed to me and the announcers noticed it too. We shall see.

Aaannnnnddd we go to PKs.

First round:
We go first. Podojil saved
Rutgers scores. 1-0

Second round:
Kaelee Van Gundy scores
Ali scores, 2-1 Rutgers

Third round:
Van Fossen hit the post
Rutgers’ GK scores 3-1

This ain’t good…

Fourth round:
Goins scores
Rutgers scores. They win 4-2


It looked like the ball moved just as Podigil approached it. Her kick was very tentative and defended easily

They had a great season. Missing the first PK puts you under so much pressure. Most teams don’t recover from that. And damn, Rutgers didn’t miss any. That Ali had a sweet pro type PK.

AP went with the push which usually requires at least a good head fake or eye fake or pause and none were done. Same kick that the GK had saved 3 consecutive vs TCU last week. Ah pshit for what might have been. These guys were good and we had the ball going our way most of the first and close but no ceegar in second.

The better team won. Hogs had a great season once again.

Yeah I thought the ball wobbled as Anna approached but she was very tentative.

not that it matters but it clicked with me, the new and most excellent USWNT GK is Casey Murphy not much removed from Rugers. She and Hatch were first cappers who started tonight in Sydney in a 3-0 US win. Goalies at Rutgers are apparently a tradition with a legendary coach. Murphy was stellar and Lindsay Horan wore #10 well, Carly the hard azz New Jerseyian to use her self description would have been proud.

I got 3 out of 4 rooting interests in… Hog football, Lightning hockey and USWNT which I woke up to watch really early, but the hearbreak of my strongest rooting interest was the soccer Hogs. Rutgers was technically and physically better tonight much to my surprise. I would have bet Bryanna and Van Fossen could defend anything thrown at them. Our press stretched us really thin and Rutgers built a lot of confidence that carried thru the game once it was tied. Podojil x 2 will be welcome and some of the younger ones should build on this year keeping us ranked nationally. Hope we come up with a physical goalie and can keep rolling with Colby.

Colby just signed a big class that looks like it’s highly touted. And the portal is always a possibility. I thought Ali and #73 were outstanding but we played with them toe to toe for 110 minutes. If we’d had the 1 seed and played them in Fayetteville, we win, I think.

Did not know that. Good information. I was watching Duke-Gonzaga basketball game on and flipping at timeouts to USWNT game. During one of those brief looks, I thought the announcer mentioned something like a US player tried to head the ball but instead it her nose and blood poured. I caught the tail end of what he was saying, Have seen that happen a few times but it is rare. I may have misheard it. Did that happen as I heard? Who was that player? They did not mention the name. Was it Emily Fox?

I felt like our defense lacked speed and got exposed at times, also they just panic and try to clear by kicking the ball anywhere too often. Our midfielders and forwards were amazing, defenders let them down imo. Still a great team and a great season. Excited for the future of Hogs soccer.

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