Soccer vs. Rutgers

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Just kicked off. And we’ve already bounced a shot off the crossbar in the first 30 seconds.

And Rutgers gets a goal after two minutes. Great curling left-footed shot.

Anna Podojil in the 8th minute! We’re tied.

This may be a track meet.

Header goal in the 15th minute, Reagan Swindall! 2-1 Hogs!

and we are up going into the wind… Lots of offense should favor us

lots of breakuts with speed by Rutgers, so far we have a few fouls and finally a yellow. Gotts change that, playing with high risk. Rutgers cannot stop us either. At least 4 corners which is a scoring threat for us on each.

Rutgers ties it in the 43rd minute.

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Ameira Ali has been best player on pitch, physically superior to Bryana Hunter by lots with amazing speed dribbling.

Rutgers, by the way, would be the University of New Jersey if they had one. It’s their pre-eminent state school.

My iPad battery went to 0% and I missed this goal. How did Rutgers score?

Thanks guys…almost forgot about this. Have it on now…with football postgame…

Ali got loose in the box on the counter (of course) and got it past Warner.

Yeah, they showed the highlights at the start of second half and I was able to catch it. Thanks.


Still 2-2, less than three minutes left in regulation.

Going to OT.

For those unfamiliar with the rules, there are two 10-minute OT periods, but first goal wins. If nobody scores in 20 minutes, a penalty kick shootout to go to the Final Four.

golden goal OT and Rutgers finished with momentum, poor Kylie Dulaney just a hair off all night with a few turnover passes unforced and then a ball in the box at her feet. We are playing with 3 yellows so are very vulnerable in OT.

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So far we’ve had the edge in OT but doesn’t matter unless the onion goes in the bag.

Big save by Warner with a minute left in the first OT!

First OT over, Ali almost scored with 25 seconds left but couldn’t hit the target.