Soccer vs. Grand Canyon

Starts at 9 p.m. Central, 10 p.m. at Casa SF. Why is is starting so late? Because the current temp in Phoenix is 95 degrees. It might be down to 89 by game time and 86 by the end.

So anyway, that’s why it’s starting so late. Link to watch:

Since BYU doesn’t play on Sunday, at all ever, their soccer team played a Saturday evening match after the 3-3 draw with the Hogs on Thursday night. That turnaround was apparently not enough time; they lost to crosstown rival Utah Valley 4-2. UVU scored seconds before halftime to take the lead then put it away with a second half goal.

(Although by the time overtime with Bayluh ended last night, they were indeed playing on Sunday. I failed to detect anyone getting zapped for violating the Sabbath).


Anna Podojil scores in the 27th minute, 1-0.

The GCU announcers are completely clueless. Mispronouncing names all over the place, and don’t know soccer to boot. The call of the goal was, and I quote, “wow, a goal”.

It was a nice goal, though, about a 20-yard bender into the left corner of the goal. GCU is playing a keeper who transferred from Texas A&M, so she had seen us before.

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1-0 at halftime. Game time temp was 96 according to the idiots, uh announcers.

Still 1-0 after 67 minutes. Grace Barbara has made a couple of excellent saves to keep the Lopes scoreless.

I thought the keeper’s name sounded familiar.

Podojil scores again in the 72nd minute, 2-0 Hogs,

Both of our goals have been right out of the hydration break.

Shantel Hutton

Ava Tankersley makes it 3-0 in the 74th minute. The goals were 2:30 apart.

Weather delay, lightning in the area. As we learned recently, it’s an official game once 70 minutes is complete, so they could call it a final score at this point.

And it’s a final. Hogs win 3-0, game called due to lightning. Hogs begin SEC play Thursday at Moo U.

Podojil tied the school record for points scored and moved into second in career goals tonight. It is probably a matter of time before she breaks the goals record that has stood for 19 years.

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