Soccer vs. #24 BYU

Kelly Roliard

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Kelly Hellbusch called the game. Her maiden name was Roliard when she played for the Razorbacks in 2011 and 2012.

That was a fun touch

I guess I played soccer for too long but I had to explain offsides to a person the other day that played as much as I did.

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I bought a ticket and went to the game with my son last night. It was as full as I’ve ever seen the soccer stadium. I saw a lot of athletes from other sports there.

Great to hear that. Soccer (Football) is a beautiful game.

Funny out of control soccer mom story PJ. When my daughter was playing on a very high level club team in St.louis, her team was playing a team from Jeff City who played a very simple and direct style of soccer. It just wasn’t in their dna to ever pass back, especially not to the keeper. My daughter’s team did so frequently and.liked to build their attack from the back. Early in the match the St. Louis girls sent one back about 20 yards to the keeper. At this point a Jeff City mom began screaming " SHE CAN’T PICK IT UP SHE CAN’T PICK IT UP! The StL keeper, a skilled player who often played in the midfield, pretended to panic. She baited the Jeff City defenders into abandoning their zones and charging her, then deftly dribbled outside of them and into open space. She carried the ball to just past midfield. With numbers forward , the result was an easy goal for the St. Louis girls. That mom slunk back in her seat and didn’t say another word the rest of the match.

That was a fun story. It was clever on goalkeeper’s part.

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I went to the game where they beat Duke on 2016 and there was a significantly bigger crowd than last night. Stands were full and the area in front of the dressing room was packed with people in lawn chairs, sitting on blankets, etc. I didn’t see the record crowd against Penn State but I suspect it was the same way. Very few people outside the grandstand last night.

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