Soccer vs. #24 BYU

Good crowd at Razorback Field on an 88-degree night.

Hogs score early. BYU almost gave up an own goal but was called for an illegal back pass and Anna Podojil scored on the indirect free kick from about 5 yards out. 1-0 in the fourth minute.

Quick rules primer: You’re not allowed to pass it back with your feet to the goalkeeper unless she plays it with her feet. The BYU defender flipped it past the GK, who raced back and dived on it to prevent the goal. But touching it with her hands made it an illegal pass, and we converted on the free kick from where she touched it just in front of the goal.

Hogs hit the post off a corner kick in the 14th minute but BYU cleared it without further damage.

We put the ball in the net in the 24th minute but it was a clear offside call. Still 1-0.

1-0 at half. One more good scoring chance but the shot went wide. Hannah Warner took charge in the box and shut down BYU. Shots 6-4 in favor of the Hogs in the first half.

54th minute, Podojil chipped one over the BYU keeper for a goal. 2-0.

Warner gets the shutout. 2-0 Hogs final before crowd of 2370.

You will be amazed at how many who watch soccer, don’t know this rule. Looks like this player either had a brain freeze or didn’t know it.

Two things I observed this evening that bode well for this year’s team…

  1. Jessica De Filippo, a transfer from Louisville, has replaced Ava Tankersley up front. (Jessica is listed as a MF, but essentially plays as another forward.) As much as I love Ava, Jessica does a much, much better job of possessing the ball in the final third.

  2. Reagan Swindall’s defense is night-and-day improved. Last season she was a complete liability opposite Haley VanFossen. Tonight, her 1v1 defense was positively stellar.

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The defender who back-passed the ball simply made a terrible play.

I have no doubt the goalie was aware of the rule, but touching the ball with her hands was her ONLY hope of stopping the ball from going into the net. Better to take your chances with the penalty reset than give up the sure goal.

Well, the GK had three options: Let the ball roll in for an own goal, try to clear it with her foot which would have had an excellent chance of an own goal, or grab it to prevent the goal, which she did. I’m sure that UA very rarely works on indirect free kicks from 5 yards out but this one worked perfectly. They bumped it about 10 feet laterally to Podojil who smashed it home.

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That play was a thing of beauty, no?! :heart_eyes:

I expected them to nudge it about six inches and try the smash. It only worked because Podojil got the ball elevated about 4-5 feet (and it would have been easy for her to blast it over the crossbar). A low shot would have hit the wall.

I was late getting on the app to watch. Who was the lady calling the game? From her comments, she appeared to be a firmer Razorback player.



She was just sitting in the booth, not really a commentator. Her name escapes me but she played goalkeeper for the Hogs early in Colby Hale’s time as coach, like 2011-13.

I missed her introduction to the booth; just guessing, but was it Taylor Erwin?

Yup. If there was a brain freeze, it was her.

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Kellie something, I think. She predated Erwin by a year or two.

I would think that’s an instinct thing on that second goal. Pure soccer play. Boom, boom. You may not work on that, but most soccer players with 15 years playing the game know what to do. They did.

Okay, that makes sense now.