Soccer up 2-0 on Rebnecks

After first half at Razorback Field. Goals by Tori Cannata and Haley VanFossen; I believe that’s VanFossen’s first college goal.

Final is 3-0, Parker Goins with a late goal. Hogs will be no worse than 4th in SEC standings after this win, 3-1 in the league.

It was VanFossen’s second career goal. She scored one early in her freshman season in 2017.

Yeah I saw that a bit later when I looked up her career stats.

I went to this game. Beautiful soccer in first half. Could have been up five or six goals. Enjoyed seeing this team. Parker Goins is wonderful, as us Taylor Malham.

This Arkansas team is terrific. Haley Van Fossen rarely makes a mistake in the back. She is a delightful force. Not sure I’ve ever combined those words to describe a player but it fits.

@mattjones, Hogs and Auburn are tied for fourth. Florida, SoCar and A&M are all 3-0 entering the weekend; they all play tomorrow.

I simply cannot get into soccer. It bores me terribly. However, I am 100% behind any Razorback team in any sport. I’m thrilled they’re ranked & winning big. WPS.

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To see them in person where you can see the speed of the players will convert you. Up close and personal it’s a whole different game. Tv does not do the game justice.

Having daughters that play competitively and then playing division I in college will get you into it too!

@neastarkie, what Clay said is exactly right. I’ve never cared to watch soccer, but I went to the North Carolina match. (Hey, it was free with my football ticket and we were playing #1.) The speed and agility of the players was impressive. I even went back for the Vandy match. (Is it a match or a game?)