Soccer thread

Hogs had the two best scoring chances, in the 3rd and 43rd minutes, but both led to easy Hokie saves. They’re handling our pressure pretty well.

Arkansas has dominated in TOP, SOG, and corners.

Va Tech really packs it on on defense.

Lots of hard fouls; will be interesting to see if it starts getting a little chippy as the scoreless draw lingers on.

Not a lot of early subs for the Hogs; the ladies looked a little tired the last 5 minutes.

Thanks for update! Was wondering what was going on when I tuned in to Watch ESPN app on phone and all I see is a scoreboard with the clock counting down. Now it make sense lol.

Hoping the ladies get a goal early after halftime.

Is it streaming anywhere?

Several good chances by both teams.

Pace is really picking up.

Several great chances by both sides.

off a corner; with 3 minutes to go in 2OT.

we were trudging and slow on the cover from beginning of game, overdribbled and then had awful D to allow the corner that resulted in the VT win. Better talent lost to better effort. Looked like the LSU game in SEC final. Don’t know where our quickness went. Looked like a lot of the travel soccer that I have been watching where the team that sucks it up and busts butt despite being tired actually wins. Congrats on the second round berth and maybe we can get Parker Goins and her sis back to will the team through. We just wore out, but it looked like it happened in the first half. We had great scoring chances and enough corners to get a goal, but no finishers. Good class comng in and maybe we can go a little farther, but we had hit our ceiling in this matchup.


I did not think this team would go this far without Parker Goins. Very impressive season. I absolutely love watching Malham and Doyle.

I got to talk to Taylor Malham after the game. Disappointed, obviously, but she answered my questions which weren’t easy ones. I haven’t done an interview in a long, long time and she was a good one to start with. Impressive person as well as athlete.

When I made it over to where the players were after the game, there were a lot of tears. Reminder that although these are highly skilled athletes, they’re also still 18-22 year old women. Malham hadn’t been crying but the look on her face said a lot.

Hogs had chances yesterday but couldn’t convert. Through passes just a tick off, shots mishit. Their goalie was very good and we needed more than what we showed to beat her. Colby Hale said they didn’t have their A game and I agree completely.