Soccer team upsets #1 North Carolina 2-0!

Great game.

Congratulations to ladies.

Great weekend to be a Razorback.

I’m not sure we can say “Wow” enough. I was at the basketball team’s victory many years ago in Pine Bluff. I always thought that was the greatest Hog game I ever saw…perhaps this Ladybacks victory is just as significant.


Sweet win. Especially for Parker Goins, who chose Arkansas over North Carolina and scored with a nice shot from the left wing. This should get Hogs ranked.

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WOW WOW WOW and HOLY COW! Biggest win in program history! WPS GHG and WTGG!

Wow, it was hot out there. The match started just after noon and we were right in the sun. The Hogs won 2 - nil. I know nothing about soccer, but I was very impressed with the speed of the UNC team.

I understand that the UNC coach is the John McDonnell of soccer, having won 22 national titles.

It is time for you to start following world’s most popular sport and the highest participation sport for girls at the youth level.

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I just might, PJ, I just might.

That victory in my hometown PB in 1984 will be hard to beat. I was there and still consider Charles Ballentine one of my top 5 favorite hogs. Dudley did good getting Charles to the hill…

Great result and well deserved. There were periods where North Carolina controlled possession, but wasn’t dangerous with it. The shots that Arkansas got were one-on-one situations after a through ball beat a defense that was positioned a little too high.

What you see on both of these shots is that speed kills. Both Arkansas goal scorers got a half step on their defender and took advantage of it with great speed and skill.

This was a game of contrasting styles. Arkansas plays high pressure. North Carolina wants to move the ball and win with possession. I’m sure Carolina doesn’t like it when someone plays with that much aggressiveness, yet doesn’t give up counters or make defensive mistakes.

North Carolina maintains possession like Barcelona. It’s pretty soccer with a physical nature. The Razorbacks are going to come at you in waves. They didn’t sub quite as much as normal, but still maintained a high pressure on a 90-degree day.

The thing that was interesting is that after the second Arkansas goal the Carolina girls were shouting at each other. They are not used to being down 2-0. In fact, there are only a few times that’s happened in like 20-something years of their program.

Like I said, it was a well deserved result.

SEC play is rugged and anything can still happen with this season. But if the Razorbacks play solid in the SEC, the two wins in the last five days will earn a home field advantage in the NCAA tournament.

I’m at the point that I’m not sure I think these are upsets. An unranked team over No. 1 is technically an upset, but look back over the past few years and the Razorbacks have held their own against the best teams.

They beat #5 Duke and #5 Florida. Never #1. The Baylor win was a huge step in that they played well enough to beat a ranked team on the road. Those missed chances against Oklahoma loom pretty large now, letting the Paperclips win in OT.