Soccer team signs seven

Going all over the place to find new Hogs. Michigan, Ohio, Tulsa, Texas, Florida, Memphis.

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Talk about making you feel old. Ashton Gordon’s dad coached my twins the second and third year they played competitive soccer. So my twins were about 12-13. Ashton had to be about 3-4 years old then. Both Ashton’s parents played soccer at University of Tulsa and my twins went on to play there. Good people for sure!

Swine…thank you for posting as I had been curious about this as other sports had been signing kids. Any idea how this class is rated etc.? Just curious.

Looks like a great group. Now on to a SEC championship. GHG

They even picked off two from Chattanooga Tn in current frosh class. Last year’s freshman class included a gal from here in the Knoxville area - Allie Dunn. Don’t see her on this year’s roster…do you know if she’s a rs, or just make it to year two?