Soccer team remains #6 in new poll

No change in the top 6. Wisconsin jumped from 10th to 7th, replacing USCw. Florida State remained 5th despite a 2-0 loss at UNC last week; UNC remains #3.

I’d say we’ll definitely be top 10 coming out of the SECT no matter what. Top 8 seed, including RPI and whatever else they consider, is likely to get three NCAA home games; top 4 seed (not likely unless we run the table) gets four at home. But fall outside the top 8 and you may only get one match at home.

Not good to tie a mid-tier at home. Huge game tomorrow on the road.

Ties happen. They are much more acceptable than losses. The Georgia goalkeeper had the game of her life Sunday and was named SEC defensive player of the week as a result. Arkansas outplayed Georgia, but like a good pitcher in baseball, one great performance by a goalkeeper can equalize a game.