Soccer team now ranked after beating Duke

UA women are 4-0 and now #17 in the NCAA coaches’ poll. Duke fell five spots to #7. Arkansas was #32 in last week’s list in the Receiving Votes group.

So it looks like we can circle another date on the calendar. Florida, ranked #5 this week, comes to Razorback Field on Sept. 16, the night before the Texas State game. Texas A&M is the second SEC team at #14; we don’t play them this season. Auburn is the fourth SEC team in the ranking at #21. We play them Oct. 14 at Auburn. Ole Miss fell out of the rankings this week after a home loss to Memphis.

Never been a soccer fan, but if the Razorbacks played tiddly winks I’d want the Razorbacks to win the tiddly wink championship. So good for the soccer team. That’s a nice start & a big win over Duke. WPS

One of the players is from Loveland, CO and was quite the star in CO. I had no idea until her Mom, a nurse, took care of me one day just after her daugher had committed to UofA. See was so excited and saw a Hog on my jacket. She then told me all about it as well as asking questions. They were very excited about the direction of the program and all the speed coming into the program. I just wished her well, told her I was sure her daughter would enjoy her time in Fayetteville, and did not think much more about it. Now, it seems they knew what they were talking about;however, one game is not a season.

I did talk to the Mom again last spring and she told me her daughter had really enjoyed her first year in Fayetteville, and that they had also become fans of the football team on TV. That made me feel good.

Yes, why not us? We have a great University, a fine facility and now a pretty supportive fan base. Fayetteville is relatively close to soccer hotbeds Dallas, KC, Tulsa and St. Louis. Would be great if the clubs in the state could up their game a little, but the game is improving on the high school level. FWTW.

I believe two years ago they made the Sweet 16. While I agree one game is not a season, it seems over the last few years the program has been pretty decent. Hope it continues its upward trend

I live about an hour and a half south of St Louis. Earlier this year, I attended a county commissioners meeting for an issue within my neighborhood. At the meeting were several high profile business men (one in particular owned about 100 hotels and multiple rental properties between St Louis and KC), they were having a discussion during the meeting about getting a MLS team to take the Rams place in St Louis. Said they could make a killing. Wonder if they could do both a male and female team?

They had a women’s professional team a few years ago. My memory is fuzzy, but I believe that league was called the WPL and most our National teamers played in the league. Attendance in STL was OK but not great. That league folded and STL turned their attention to a second division men’s team. With the Rams gone, I suspect an MLS team could fill part of that void. I don’t think KC would like to see that though, and would probably fight it. What Missouri city do you live in?


Well then we live in the same county but in different states. :wink: My son is a senior at Mizzou-Columbia but kind of a closet Hog fan.

I have to go up there once a month. Harry Truman right across from the Stadium. Matter of fact have to go tomorrow. Hate the length of the drive, but enjoy the peacefulness of 17 all the way to 54 (back roads from Waynesville to Columbia). Thinking about coming back via Osage (The Lake of the Ozarks) so I can go to Chillis. Only thing I hate about where I live is the only “sit down” restaurants we have is Colton’s and Ruby Tuesday’s. I love LR’s menu so much more. Last time I was home, tried to talk the family into Johnny Carino’s, but I’m the only one that enjoys good Italian.

That is funny. I have used that EXACT same language (about tiddly winks) to describe my feelings.