Soccer team now #6 in RPI

Ahead of first-place South Carolina. UNC is #3 (they’ve had a tie since their loss in Fayetteville). Virginia is ranked #1 and unbeaten but is below the Hogs at #7 in RPI.

Top 8 RPI gives the Hogs a great chance to have THREE home playoff games in November if they can stay there. With nationally ranked A&M up next on the road, that will certainly help the strength of schedule.

Remaining schedule: At A&M (fourth place in league, #23 RPI, #17 in last week’s poll); at Auburn, (7th in SEC, #93 RPI), home with Georgia (T-9 in SEC, #82 RPI) and at Tennessee (#73 RPI, 11th in SEC). Then the SEC tournament which should help the SOS in the later rounds.,

I tend to think a top eight RPI would potentially give Arkansas home-field advantage until the College Cup, soccer’s equivalent of the Final Four.

Well, not exactly. UNC got four home games last year as a top four seed (actually six because the College Cup was played in the same complex where I covered the UA-VTech match). But an 8 seed would be on the road for the equivalent of the Elite Eight (UCLA was the opponent for UNC in that round last year). Florida State, the #2 national seed, also had four home matches before going to Cary, NC, for the College Cup.

However, if the Hogs were an 8 seed and the higher seed were eliminated before the fourth round, they could host that fourth round game as well.

You’re right.

You don’t think they can get into Top 4?

Let’s say they win out and win the SEC Championship. I assume Virginia and UNC would have a loss (ACC tourney). Not sure who else is ahead of them, but could they not make it high enough to host until the FF?

Edit: FSU, UNC, and Va (2,3,7) are ACC, 2 should lose at least once. Stanford and USCw (1,5) same thing one will lose. Do you think if we win out we won’t make the Top 4?

Remember that RPI, as it was in basketball, is essentially a strength of schedule measure. Florida State has matches with UNC and Duke (both top 10 RPI) remaining, with UNC at Chapel Hill. The ACC tournament is back in Cary this year, essentially a UNC home match (although last year they actually played home matches in Cary due to stadium renovation; this year they’re back on campus). UVa has two top-30 opponents remaining. UNC has FSU and VTech, both at home but both top 15. To win the ACC tournament you’ll probably have to play and beat three top 20 RPI schools.

It’s not impossible if we run the table, which probably means beating the Chickens in the SECT, but we’d need some help. We’re going to lose ground to the ACC teams in strength of schedule. The Pac-12 doesn’t have a soccer tournament and Stanford has already played the Broomheads. Nonconference SOS is gonna make Stanford hard to beat unless they just go in the tank.

Yeah, understand that, I was talking about the ACC guys that lose

And there is a crap load of ACC Top 20 RPI from the list I just looked at. Is a loss to Top 5 better than a win against Top 25?

The soccer RPI is slightly different than the basketball RPI but not much. Winning percentage is roughly 50% of the RPI, opponents’ winning percentage is about 40% and winning percentage of opponents’ opponents is 10%. So a loss pulls you down, but a tough opponent pulls you up just about equally. And if you beat that tough opponent (such as our win over UNC) you skyrocket. Then there are RPI tweaks for scheduling and beating top-75 RPI teams, and for road wins/home losses.