Soccer team not looking good

Scoreless early, but Aggies dominating possession.

But they get the win in OT on a goal by Anna Podigal!

Arkansas dominated possession for the last 70 minutes.

There was a stretch when I first turned on the game when the Aggies were dominating possession. I falsely believed they were in the first half. They righted the ship and had a few opportunities to win in regulation. They got the W and the 3 points, which is all that matters.

The official stats had Hogs with 56% possession to 44% for TAM. Seemed more than that to me but we didn’t do much with those extra 10 minutes until Anna knocked it in.

I agree on the sense of possession. The Aggies were on defense most of the second period with occasional individual forays in an open field where their patience with well-placed shots was stymied by Hannah Warner, our goalie. In my observation, this contrasted with the more numerous high or wide shots of the Razorbacks (Second period 15 shots to 4 shots with 5 to 5 in the first period). The OT deep delivery by Anna Podojil was a surprising contrast considering the lack of penetration in regulation period attempts. It is always time for celebration when talent emerges! WPS!!!

I only saw the second half, and it seemed like Arkansas had the ball for 35 of the 45 minutes, but missed several golden opportunities. The first half must have been scary and frustrating for Hog fans.

I wouldn’t say scary. TAM never got close to scoring. We just kept getting corners and then not getting good placement on the kicks. There really wasn’t a good scoring chance for either team in the first half.

Five shots each with Arkansas less aggressive than normal. Not scary but concerned by the Aggies history and home-field advantage. The online story observed fewer fans than normally expected though on the stream the student fans seemed pretty active. A Fayetteville crowd for the Aggies might have presented a louder challenge. Maybe the same Aggies crowd will only partially fill their Jerryworld section tomorrow. :wink:

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