Soccer team gets NCAA 2 seed

Twitter feed spilled the beans before the selection show. Don’t know who the 1 seed in their bracket will be. So that will be three home games before the Elite Eight if we can win them all. Tournament starts Friday.

Hogs play Northwestern State on Friday. Notre Dame is the 3 seed in our bracket so they would presumably come to Fayetteville. TCU is the 4 and Rutgers is the 1. Ole Miss might get Rutgers in the second round.

Tennessee is the 3 seed in Florida State’s bracket. Michigan is the 2 seed in that bracket so the Vols will have to go through Ann Arbor.

Of the four most-projected 1 Seeds, Rutgers was my hoped matchup.

We’re still the #4 RPI so I thought we might sneak that last #1 seed. Seems apparent that the Knights are the worst 1 seed so that’s a good draw. If Ole Miss can knock them off, so much the better.

Same, here.

But after that 3-nil beat-down in the SEC Tourney Final, I quickly gave up on that thought.

Hogs play Northwestern State

The other 1 seeds are Duke and Virginia. UNC is a 2 seed.

LSU would get Duke in the second round if the Corndogs beat Memphis. Auburn is also in the Duke bracket. Bama would get 4 seed BYU in the second round if it beats Clemson.

The other teams that could come to Razorback Field next weekend are Virginia Tech, Ohio State, Purdue, Loyola-Chicago, SIU-Edwardsville and Notre Dame.

Once I saw Rutgers lost to Michigan at home, the thought was revived. Not too surprised Duke got a 1, and they did put a 3-1 on us in August.

Had we lost on PKs, or even by just one goal, for sure. But not the way we did. :disappointed:

no insight but how the brackets seeding has to work is explained

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