Soccer team ends the drought

After failing to score in two straight games, Hogs scored early and often to end the regular season with a 6-0 win over Kentucky. Hogs will be the 4 seed in the SEC tournament next week in Pensacola; they’ll play Vandy on Tuesday.

From Andrew tonight:

Was really hoping for the 3 seed to avoid Alabama until the finals.

But given recent SEC Tourney history, maybe it’s better to face them in the semis. :thinking:

Aloha Jeff,
Glad you ended your drought from the Board.
UA…Campus of Champions

Decided I’m going to change my approach to this place. Just not going to engage those who increase my blood pressure.


I watched our match at Bama the first time. Played them even until giving up a PK with 6 minutes left. Which is to say, I ain’t skeered of no Ocean Scum.

I wonder why Kentucky just didn’t stack the back and play for a draw like the last couple of opponents did?

Kentucky is not near the team Arkansas has played the past several weeks. It allowed 26 goals in conference play.

Kentucky is 0 for the years, did beat Mo last year but no other SEC vics. Ky had absolutely nothing to play for but is better than the mess Chad left us. Young talent and transfer talent will let them win at least one in the SEC next year. They have absolutely shucked since 2017. Great team to pick for senior night.

Kentucky’s top keeper was injured which didn’t help. They finally put her in late in the game after it was already 6-0.

we gained nothing playing that game, we are playing for top 8 national seed. Our RPI is strong

WE lost to 3 and 9 and we beat 11, 13 and 15. Getting Bryanna back and winning set pieces should get us that which we have had, a SECT championship. Vandy has some kids coming back from injury but we ought to recognize the first game is the most important and maybe most difficult.

I loved the Barbara vs Little matchup which I saw on replay today. I will confess I watched Aubbie vs Bama live when I got bored with Bucs and Ravens. Bama is imminently beatable and yet did go undefeated in conference. We need to host and figure out how to take advantage of that corner dropoff which I think is the SE corner of the field.

razorback soccer on twitter is cool and revealing. Coach recruits crazier than him makes for a fun watch

I like how many unexpected step ups have been made since St Louis U when we did not recover from 2 important injuries.

I dont think it is midfield or pressure or anything else that changed our scoring more than set plays and second balls

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