Soccer team beats Ole Miss 2-1

Came back from a goal down to win today at Oxford. Claire Kelley got the game winner in the 55th minute. Hogs remain tied with South Carolina atop the SEC standings at 4-0; Hogs 11-1 overall.


Any idea what the average home attendance has been this year vs last year? Wondering if this beautiful game is catching on in NWA.

Dunno about average, but they got 3000+ for Duke which was a single game record, and reported 1000+ for Florida despite 2 hour weather delay. EDIT: Looked it up; home attendance average so far is 1346. Average for 2015 was 1284.

Jeff Long was quoted the other day wondering if we might need a soccer expansion. There’s an option that would be cheaper. Both Texas and Florida play soccer in their track stadiums (no conflict with spring track). JMF has a lot more seats than Razorback Field.

That would make sense. There are lot of arenas worldwide that are used for track and soccer.