Soccer signs 10 players

Including a transfer goalkeeper from Okie Lite, a Canadian who is transferring from Louisville and high school girls from Texas, Missouri, California and our Tulsa area pipeline.

Hot Damn! … a “home-town” kid on the team!

Ms. Tanner (Truckee, CA) plays just 30 miles down the road.

I’ve always wanted to visit Truckee. I hear the trout fishing is good. Not easy, but rewarding when you catch some. Beautiful country. As they say, trout live in gorgeous places. I want to see all of them.

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Truckee, Lake Tahoe area is beautiful. Full of nature and night life both, but can be a bit chilly in winter. Donner Pass nearby as well. Just lots of amazing places to roam around.
Oh, the fishing is excellent too.

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On a vacation years (and years) ago, we spent a few days at Lake Tahoe. I was a passable water skier. My cousins told me that I should be able to begin skiing from the dock … not so much. I will never forget just how cold that water was! (It was in August, IIRC.)

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