Soccer rankings out Tuesday

Hogs were #7 last week. North Carolina was #3 but lost 1-0 at NCState. Don’t know if we’d move past them or not. Everybody else above us won.

We play at Auburn Thursday night; Baggies were #23 last week and won their only game over the weekend.

This is our last legitimate test. And with most all our starters back, our first-ever, perfect conference regular season is a very real possibility.

Arkansas was No. 6 in the coaches poll last week.

Yep. And of ratings interest, #1 Florida State plays at UNC Thursday and at Duke on Sunday. Thus the potential for upheaval in the poll next week. (FSU also won 2-1 at Auburn in September, if you want to play the comparative scores game, and of course we lost to Duke and UNC in August on the same fields). Then FSU plays #2 Virginia to end the regular season. Talk about a backloaded schedule…

Yes you’re correct. I was looking at last week’s poll when I typed that…

The ACC is loaded. Yikes.

ACC has the top three and five in the top 20. SEC had four in the top 25 and all won last week (EOE is 10th, the Rebnecks are 18th and Auburn is 23rd). And Texas is also ranked, for future consideration. Pac-12 also has four.

Arkansas is No. 4 this week.

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Interesting. I thought we might move past UNC (which we did). Also passed USC. And somebody gave us a first place vote. Florida State, UVa and Pepperdine are 1, 2, 3. Pepperdine beat A&M at College Station four days before we did, both by 1-0. The Waves also won at Vandy as we did. They play at Santa Clara tomorrow night; the Broncos only eliminated us and won the natty last spring.

Auburn moved up to 19th. Tennessee is 10th, the Flopnecks are 13th and BYU is 12th. Duke and UNC are 6th and 7th.

By the way, as I thought might happen, Florida State moved past us into the #1 RPI.

West Coast soccer is outstanding. I never count them out. Rarely saw club teams from the west coast when Sarah was going to regionals. We saw the best players from Texas, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. But the West Regional produced the bulk of the players on the national team. Never saw them except one time Sarah’s team went to Surf Cup (in San Diego). The skill was very evident. California soccer style is heavily influenced by the skill style from Latin America immigrants. They are going to hold possession better, dribble better and make you chase the ball. Our players from the south regional tended to play more direct. It’s interesting, that’s the way our Arkansas women’s team plays, pressure and more direct. It is frustrating for teams that want to play possession.

That’s the beauty of soccer. There is not just one way to play and play well.

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