Soccer providing incentives to show up

With cold weather on tap for tomorrow’s NCAA tournament game with Ohio State, UA is offering free hot chocolate, mugs and s’mores those those who show up while supplies last.

Cold is still cold, hot chocolate or not.

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Yup. calling for about 38 at kickoff, dropping to around 34 during the match. Fortunately minimal wind, so not a repeat of that ridiculous Liberty Bowl.

Soccer is a winter sport in much of the world though.

That is summer for most of South America. Maybe that’s why some of those countries (Brazil, Argentina, etc), are usually really good on the world stage.

Brazil’s season runs from May to December, from their late fall to late spring and through their winter. I think Argentina is the same.

It is possible that having many of their players free for training and competition in the Northern Hemisphere summer helps them, but a whole lot of their players are playing in Europe on the European schedule.

I think it pales in comparison to American football.

When I said “world stage”, I was talking mainly about the World Cup which I thought was usually played during “their early summer”. Then it dawned on me that the location moves for the World Cup so, it’s sometimes held above the equator, like this year in Qatar.

As you can probably tell, I don’t really follow soccer.

I believe this is the first time that the WC has not been held in the European summer, and the only reason for that is just that it’s too damn hot in Qatar in July.

When it was in South Africa in 2010, it was still in the Euro summer, which was the SA winter. I’m too lazy to go back and check on, say, the first one which was in Uruguay. But recent WCs in Brazil (2014) and Argentina (1978) were during our summer.

The reason why is that it’s their most important sport. Don’t over think it.

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