Soccer is life

The Ted Lasso fans will have to explain. US beats Costa Rica, 2-1.

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Got punched right in the mouth conceding that opening-minute goal.

And nice to finally net a first-half goal!

Fun to see the US field a younger, faster team that can possess the ball.

Costa Rica looked the old, tired team they are.

Will be a kind of a disappointment if we don’t take at least a point on the return match.

“Football is Life”…Dani Rojas

Having spent lots of time in London…I can emphatically say that football IS LIFE. My goodness.

Swine…just tossed you a softball…go ahead and take a swing…

BTW what a mediocre showing England had versus Hungary. Maybe they should have run the “Ted Lasso Special” for one of their set pieces.

Can’t run Ted Lasso set pieces. Everyone has seen them.

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What about Nate the Great’s false 9?

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That ain’t football they play on White Hart Lane, Robbie. Not sure what it is though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I might have to check out Ted Lasso at some point. I remember a TV series about a mythical English soccer club maybe 15-20 years ago but there was no American coach and there was nothing funny about it. It was more like a soap opera. Think they showed it on the old Fox Soccer Channel. (Looked it up; it was called Dream Team. Storylines included match fixing and a sniper shooting a player after he scored a game winning goal.)

Ted Lasso is genius

It’s about much more than futbol…

It is indeed about much more than football…it’s a wonderful show in every way.
Swine, I actually watched Dream Team back in the day for a few episodes. Really tried to like it…but I gave it up. And nice research there on “Robbie.” I am still Robbie to almost everyone that I grew up with…and I was fine with being Robbie Taylor…but my wife, when we started getting serious was like “uh…no. You are now Rob.” And I was like “you can call me whatever you want…just marry me.”


My wife thought I was Henry Clay for two dates. I didn’t care. She was calling me Henry. In college, lots of folks just called you by your last name. I didn’t care. I was just glad she would take my calls and go out on a date. It was love at first sight.


You definitely married up, Clay.

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