Soccer Hogs make NCAA field

Play at North Carolina State. One of 9 SEC teams in the tournament. Winner with the Wolfpack probably gets 4 seed Princeton

Great news!

Very happy for the team. We need some good news. :smiley:

Yes indeed. Coach Hale has done an outstanding job with our soccer program. Program on the rise.

That is excellent, especially for such a young team.

Here is reaction from the Razorbacks’ fourth NCAA Tournament appearance in five seasons: … ournament/

NC State lost to Princeton earlier this year, 2-0 in Raleigh. It was the Wolfpack’s only home loss of the year.

I wonder if NC State might overlook Arkansas a little bit, anticipating a rematch with Princeton, which would probably be played nearby in Chapel Hill.

Another thing I’ve heard a few places this week: Arkansas’ style is difficult to prepare for, especially late in the year when teams are tired. The Razorbacks just out-hustle teams and play really good defense.

The four NCAA Tournaments in five seasons really stands out, especially when you consider Arkansas never had made the NCAA Tournament before he was hired in 2012. The turnaround that program has experienced is under-appreciated by the folks who only focus on football, basketball and maybe baseball.

Not many coaches on campus have had his level of success.

He’s had a Sweet 16 and two second-round NCAA performances in five years. Not bad. And if you think BB has a lousy in-state recruiting base, it is much better than what Hale faces. Two out of 28 girls on the current roster are from Arkansas.

Oh, number of seniors on the present roster? Three.