Soccer Hogs host North Texas

Three seed in the Stanford bracket. If we beat the Mean Green, we’ll probably go to Provo for BYU, the 2 seed and the only unbeaten team in the country. But BYU has played a pretty weak schedule. We’ll play the NC State-Navy winner in the second round; BYU would be the third round and the quarterfinal would likely be at Stanford.

I’m guessing we cost ourselves the 2 seed and the two extra home games by losing to the Poultry yesterday.

One seeds are Stanford, FSU, UNC and Virginia. Two seeds are BYU, UCLA, SoCar, and USCw. Three seeds are us, Kansas, Okie Lite and Wisconsin.

BYU is 12th in RPI but jumped over us to get the 2 seed thanks to being unbeaten, I guess.

Aggies play Texass in the first round. Should be interesting…

Wow I can’t believe we are not a 2. Should not have fallen that much.

Evidently getting swept by the Chickens and failing to score in either game was a big deal. We didn’t get as much credit for beating UNC as we should have because it was a home match.

However I suspect BYU is looking at this draw and thinking how did we get stuck with Arkansas as our 3 seed? My guess is we’re the top 3 seed and BYU is the bottom 2 seed. The road is there to get to Palo Alto for the quarterfinals. NC State is close to A&M and Florida in the RPI and we beat both of them pretty decisively, and BYU’s SOS must be terrible to have RPI of 12 with an unbeaten record.

The North Texas match is 6:30 pm Friday at Razorback Field. Since BYU doesn’t play on Sunday ever, we would play NC State or Navy on Thursday the 21st in Provo, unless BYU is upset by Boise State in the first round. In that case we would get the home matches.