Soccer: Hogs 2, Vandy 0 at halftime

Lindsey Mayo on a 15-yard shot in 33rd minute, Claire Kelley on a header in 43rd minute. We’ve completely controlled the game. I don’t think Vandy has even attempted a shot. We could have had 4 or 5 goals at this point. Vandy was tied for third in the SEC at 4-1 coming into this match.

Watching it on SECN. This is the first time in my life I have watched a soccer game on TV other than a few World Cup games and a few Olympic games. :slight_smile:

3-0, Kelley scores again in the 47th minute, putting away a rebound off a save, her 5th goal of the year.

I checked the official stats online. Vandy finally attempted its first shot after 50 minutes, with Cam Carter making a nice save.

Jessi Hartzler with her sixth goal in the 62nd minute. Vandy making more of an offensive threat but Carter has made a couple of really nice saves in the second half.

13 wins now, which is the most in the country. Record now 13-1, 6-0 in the SEC.

South Carolina is tied with Moo U at halftime in Starkville, 0-0.

I think there is a very good chance that we will host an NCAA tournament game at Razorback Field in November, possibly more than one.

If Arkansas does host, it would be the weekend of the LSU football game and season opening basketball games.

That really shouldn’t be a problem. The first round games can be played Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Hoops is Friday night, football some time Saturday. So Sunday afternoon would work nicely. Second-third round games are generally the next Friday-Sunday, when football is at Moo U and basketball has a Friday night game. That scheduling might be an issue, unless the NCAA would let them go Thursday-Saturday. Or afternoon games on Friday, maybe noon and 2:30 pm.

South Carolina scored late to beat Moo U 1-0 (we won 5-2 at Starkville). Both teams are 6-0 going into Sunday’s match in Columbia.

I didn’t say it would be a problem. It would add to a big weekend in town.

Gotcha. I agree. I was thinking more of the parking in lot 56. Soccer crowd is not going to be much over the 3K they got for Duke, if any, but they couldn’t do soccer and basketball at a time when the need for lot 56 would overlap. Unless they park soccer people in the Pit and run shuttles.

optimism because of beating Vandy is displaced. Lipscomb rolled them and Belmont will do similar. Not a good year for Vandy women esp if using beating them as a SEC benchmark.

Nice job of being a wet blanket, Ray. Vandy is not very good, true (they looked worse to me than Georgia which is last in the SEC standings), but these things are also true:

A. Hogs completely dominated, more than they did against Georgia or any other match I’ve seen.

B. Vandy came in on a four game SEC win streak and was tied for third in the SEC with Auburn (which won last night). Although from what I saw last night, how they managed to win four straight is beyond me. One of those four wins was against A&M which was nationally ranked at the time.

C. This could have been a trap game, with Hogs looking ahead to the big match with South Carolina. Anything but. Came out and took care of business for 90 minutes.