Soccer gets NCAA home match with Misery State

We’re the third seed in Florida State’s bracket.

If we beat the Bad Uni Bears we go back right where we started the season – at Saint Louis.

Moo U and LSU are also in the FSU bracket.

Most likely the MSU game will be Friday night.


Bama is a 1 seed, not surprising
South Carolina is the 3 seed in the Bama bracket
Tennessee is a 6 seed
Georgia is a 7 seed

Seeded teams all get one home game except Bama. Two unseeded SEC teams: Vandy goes to Clemson, and TAM gets to play the Evil Orange Empire.

The other 1 seeds: UCLA and Notre Dame
Other 2 seeds: UNC, Duke and Penn State (SLU is also a 2 seed).

Other tournament teams we’ve played:
Michigan State is a 4 seed
BYU is a 6 seed

Not the worst draw by any stretch… :crossed_fingers:

Nope. Gotta win at Tallahassee to get to Cary, but Misery State and tOSU are beatable (Suckeyes lost to BYU at home and beat Kansas 1-0 right after we thrashed them 6-0; also tied TAM at home and lost to Sparty at home). And I think Colby can figure out how to play SLU the second time.

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If we win our first two we’re going to Tallahassee or St. Louis unless both FSU and St. Louis were to lose correct?

If Arkansas and Saint Louis win Friday, the Razorbacks will go to St. Louis for the second and third rounds.

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A strange pod system, the NCAA does strange things though.

Where teams play NCAA tourney games is different in soccer than with other sports; it’s done to reduce travel for the short turnaround 3rd-round matches. So…

Our half of the bracket is:

3 Arkansas vs. Missouri State

6 Ohio State vs. Bucknell

7 Mississippi State vs. New Mexico State

2 Saint Louis vs. Memphis

First Round: Each seeded team plays at home; therefore, Arkansas hosts Missouri State in Fayetteville.

Second & Third Rounds: The 2nd- & 3rd-round matches are played on the home field of the highest seeded team that won their 1st-round match. If Saint Louis wins their 1st-round match, rounds 2 & 3 will be played on their field (even if they lose their 2nd-round game). If Arkansas wins and Saint Louis loses their respective 1st-round matches, the 2nd- & 3rd-round matches would be played in Fayetteville.

Fourth Round: The higher seed of the two remaining teams hosts this match. If it’s Arkansas & #1 Seed Florida State, FSU hosts; if it’s Arkansas & anyone else, Arkansas would host (#2 Seed Saint Louis having already been eliminated from the tourney).


Think of it like an inverted NCAA baseball postseason where you have four teams at one site one weekend and two teams at one site the next, then repeat that format in Omaha.

Soccer has two teams at one site the first weekend and four teams at one site the second. It repeats for the round of 8 and the College Cup, soccer’s equivalent to the Final Four.

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So we need Tiger High to win and somebody to beat Free Shoes.


And the game will be streamed on ESPN+; no surprise there. SECN is loaded up with basketball Friday night so it appears all of the SEC soccer games will be streamed.

Was really hoping for SECN+. :unamused:

I can already see the writing on the wall, though; more and more Razorback content will shift to ESPN+. Eventually I’ll have to give in and subscribe. (Now I just do the occasional monthly thingy to hit the onesy-twosy broadcasts.)

Unless it is televised, all NCAA postseason games are going to stream on ESPN+ moving forward. This happened in baseball earlier this year.

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