Soccer final: Hogs 3, Auburn 1

In SEC semifinal. Auburn played a girl short after a red card in the 67th minute and we scored two goals with the numerical advantage. Next is Sunday’s 3 pm final against Florida, which upset #2 South Carolina, 1-0, in the first semifinal.

By the way, we were wearing anthracite unis.

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OK, whats with the red card thing? I know its an ejection, but you can’t sub her out in soccer like in football? What led to the red card?

I am proud of our girls. They are doing well.

Matt, our record is 17-4, not 20-4.

I came in late, but it seems that girl got a yellow card, which is a warning, for hitting the ball with her hand, then a second yellow for a dangerous sliding tackle. Two yellows equal one red, and a red means you’re out and you can’t be replaced. I have seen teams finish the game with 8 or 9 because multiple players got tossed. You can also get a straight red card for certain fouls, such as a foul that is deemed to prevent a clear goalscoring opportunity, or taking a swing at another player.

College soccer allows unlimited substitutions, which is a subject of some controversy, but the pros only get three subs (at one time they got zero). So if the goalkeeper gets a red card, which happens occasionally (the clear goalscoring opportunity thing usually) and they’re out of subs, one of the field players has to become the goalie. Which is sort of like putting a third baseman in to pitch.

Wright and I watched on his phone at the Catfish Hole. How cool is technology?

Thank you, SF.

It appears Aubrun really did get a raw deal. Apparently the first card was given to the wrong offender. Then this girl who was wrongly given the yellow, committed a cardable offense. She was sent off for having two yellow cards, but really she should have had only one. It makes a huge difference playing 10v11 if you are a possession team like Aubrun playing a more direct, attacking team like Arkansas.

This was corrected llater in the game. The announcers were saying over and over that the wrong player received a yellow card in the first half but corrected themselves later when it was pointed out that the player red carded in the second half was indeed yellow carded in the first half and both announcers missed it so Auburn did not get a raw deal. The correct call was made.