Soccer exhibition at KU

Hogs up 2-0 over Kansas in the 28th minute. Goals by Anna Podojil and Van Fitch. Hogs have 9 shot attempts to 2 for KU, shots on goal are 4-2 in favor of the good girls.

3-0 at halftime. Ella Riley scored in the 38th minute

Now 5-0 in the 55th minute. Ellie Podojil and Ava Tankersley with goals.

It’s amazing how a school like Kansas can be so good at basketball and so bad at everything else.

6-0 final. Zoe Shepherd got the last goal. Colby played 24 girls tonight and they all got at least 9 minutes.

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Not much of a challenge from the plodding plowgirls of the plains.

Love how aggressive we are starting out…get a goal and keep on shootin’!!!

Colby definitely does not believe in parking the bus.

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