Soccer defeats No. 2 Texas A&M

Arkansas has notched a couple of significant wins each season since 2016, and it added another Thursday when it defeated Texas A&M for the first time in 25 years: … me-opener/

Nice work by the women! A&M is in between two soccer hotbeds in DFW and Houston and is very difficult to beat.

I believe Emmit Smith’s daughter plays for the Aggies.

Congratulations to the ladies!

Yes, Rheagen Smith, who appropriately wears No. 22. She played 57 minutes and had two shots last night, but neither were on goal.

Arkansas has done a good job of recruiting Dallas under Colby Hale. There are nine players on the roster from Dallas.

Hale also has done a good job of recruiting Tulsa, where he played college soccer at ORU. They have a pretty good club team there.

For it’s size Tulsa is a very good soccer town. Would love to see us dip into St. Louis and KC a little more.