Soccer beats Vandy in OT 1-0

Parker Goins gets the match winner in Nashville early in the first OT after 90 scoreless minutes. Hogs now 6-0 in the SEC, winners of 11 straight and lead by a full game in the SEC standings over Tennessee, who they’ve already beaten.

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I’M no soccer fan, but that is great. That is really outstanding.

And again without the sisters Podigal. Sure would like to get them back.

You are correct on that account. The team played hard today in this excessive heat but it is clear they are struggling in completing attacks. They were extremely fornuate to pull it out in overtime after fending off Vanderbilt. Dang hard to watch two overlapping very tight contest, soccer and volleyball.

The winner:

Podojil is out, DeFilippo is out. That’s 10 goals and 8 assists out of the lineup. And Vandy isn’t a bad team. You can’t play as wide open against them as against most SEC teams because they will make you pay, as they did to us in the SEC tournament final last November.

They got it done. It is a W.

Amazing depth on this team. Amazing.

We’ve seen on many occasions how deadly Parker Goins can be, but that assist by Sophia Aragon was a thing of absolute beauty.

And she’s only a freshman, folks!

That depth was evident in this OT win.

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