Soccer at South Carolina

Hogs are 1-1 in SEC, Poultry is 1-1 in the East. Moo U, which beat the Hogs 10 days ago, leads the West at 2-0.

Ainsley Erzen put the ball in the net in the third minute but it went in off her arm. No goal.

Ava Tankersley bounces one in off the left post in the 32nd minute, 1-0 Hogs…

1-0 at halftime.

It occurs to me that if we had a bunch of injuries at kicker on the football team, our keeper Grace Barbara could handle kickoff duties. She has a much better leg than that Vandy girl who kicked for them a couple of years ago. Barbara’s goal kicks consistently fly 70-80 yards. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen though.

one of the few venues that has some home field advantage. SC women are loved by their fans who made a big Shane Beaman protest over his outburst video.

I did learn that our corner in the south end for soccer is a strange hill dropoff that limits steps to make the corner kick curl. As long was we choose to defend that in the 2nd it should be a big advantage.

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1-0 final. Poultry put a lot more pressure on offensively in the second half but Barbara really only had to make one save where it looked like a real scoring chance.

And Colby got a yellow card for chewing on the officials.

Chickens are ranked #8, with the #6 RPI, so a very nice road win.

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Coach Hale got his money’s worth and chewed some arse for a long time. Announcers were amused

Coach Hale changed formations a bit. Moved Jessica De Fillippo moved to a more defensive position as midfielder. Seemed to help the press a bit in first half.

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I’m trying to figure out the if’s and when’s of Bryana Hunter, her experience and backline leadership could be a big help if we want to continue our characteristic forward press. Our set plays are less of a threat to score this year than I have become used to in recent times. The full Tulsa mafia were more wonderful than I appreciated. Hopefully heading a few miles east to Pensacola can get us a little more success in the SEC tournament. I was amused to learn we could truly have a physical advantage with our homefield which would be nice to bolster NCAA tourney hopes.

The single goal production was tested in both wins against Auburn and Carolina with the Gamecocks likely still shaking their collectives heads this morning. That road win is going to look really great in post season selection. With A&M (Thursday) and Florida (Thursday week) the next two opponents the Razorbacks hopefully can work on point production before taking on league leading Vanderbilt at home on Sunday Oct 9th.

Colby Hale has said Bryana Hunter should play again this season.

Arkansas moved up eight spots to No. 12 in this week’s coaches poll.

And #5 in RPI.

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