Soccer at Duke

Scoreless in the 12th minute. Hogs had a long header saved. Duke had a great chance to score from about 10 yards out in the 10th minute but Hannah Warner came out to make the save, smothering the shot.

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Best chance so far. Anna Podojil hit the bar from about 15 yards on a half-volley.

And 2 Dookies with yellow cards already.

One yellow each way. We got one for a rather blatant shirt pull.

GOAL. Parker Goins scored from about 8 yards in the 21st minute.

I thought they were both on puke. Oh well, at least the goal was good.


I heartily approve of the mandatory hydration break.

Two yellows on us, Bea Franklin for the shirt tug and then Ava Tankersley.

It was stoopid hot today in eastern NC. Apparently the same applies in north central NC at Koskinen Stadium.

Duke scored in the 39th minute to tie it, shortly after one of our players lost her balance and fell across the back of a Duke player’s leg, appearing to cause a knee injury.

Hannah Warner thinks she should have stopped the goal, and she’s probably right.

1-1 at halftime. We’re up to four yellows. Kinda need to calm down or we’re gonna finish with 10. Or less.

One or two of the yellows prevented a Duke breakaway opportunity. A couple have been hard fouls. Arkansas is a physical team, so that’s not surprising.

It’s worth mentioning that Duke has played two exhibition games since Arkansas played its only exhibition against UALR on Aug. 8.

Duke beat Georgia and No. 7 Clemson by two goals apiece in the last nine days.

Duke gets a penalty kick (which was deserved) and converted the PK. 2-1 in the 49th minute.

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Another penalty (drawn by the same girl), same result. 3-1 Duke in the 51st minute.

Could have easily been 5-1 by now. Two great saves by Warner since the last PK.

It seems that Arkansas has found a pretty good goalie.

3-1 final. A couple of injuries for the Hogs late; Jessica DeFilippo’s looked particularly bad.

Gotta play to feet in the offensive zone. Can’t just chip or fire it to the top of the box. Duke played to feet or beat players head up in the offensive half. That was the difference in the game. We have discussed this before.

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