Soccer Ark vs Mizz St

up 1-0 on Tank header less than a minute into game

just missed on set piece free kick just outside the 18. Definitely pushing the pace and the Mis St. All in our O zone

De Filipo literally rolls one past GK for 2-0 at 10mn, now 3-0 on Ellie Podojil. Rolling with 2 weak goals that G should have had.

Home field cooking, 7 goals vs KY last game and now 3 with just 11 minutes gone.

Saint Louis plays Memphis tomorrow so we won’t know if we host next weekend or go to SLU. SLU is 20-1; their only loss was to Notre Dame a week after they beat us in August.

offsides for Tank or it would be 4-0 on another header. WE are set pieces in action tonight.

By the way, SLU beat Misery State 7-0 earlier in the year. At Springfield.

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4-0 now in 16 minutes. DeFilippo scores again

now 4-0 as we win all aerial battles, DeFilipo x 2

I think I can safely watch the basketball game now.

kinda fun to stick with it when our passes are connecting and we have shortened the field… over or under 7 for us???

outshooting Bears 21-1

Canadian hat trick for De Filipo, shot a rocket for 5-0

We could have scored 10. Lots of rockets about 8-3 off the ground just over the bar. Bad Uni Bears can’t mark us.

just 6 but our height advantage was obvious, I think we liked playing into the wind more than with the wind. Cheer for Tigger High and keep us home for the O State, All goals and a few other scores

What was the final score?

Arkansas won 6-0.

Glad to see the last goal after the wholesale substitution. Arkansas played with a high level of energy from the start of this contest. I don’t expect to see the next contest in Fayetteville but StL. Great way to end the home season.

we worked set pieces better than we have in a long time and were physically better than MoSt. Great effort to start and seemingly same effort but physically worn down with same opportunities in second half.

Best thing I saw was Coach Hale extending Bry Hunter time, definitely need the old reliable Bryanna to win against the talented teams. Tankersley is infectiously fun. Clay did a great piece on her on Hogs Plus and another soccer piece or two, obviously still a soccer dad at heart.

SLU is 5x consecutive A10 champs so pretty probable that we go to SLU. My daughter played travel soccer in St Louis a couple of times and it was cold at night this time of the year.^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

SLU and Tiger High scoreless in the second half. I’m sure it’s quite frosty in STL today.

Memphis scores in the 64th minute. Could we have soccer in Fayetteville next weekend?