So you want an 8 team playoff?

I’d like to see the schedule cut back to 11 games, with an 8 team playoff, the first round being at home team sites on the current weekend for conference championships, with championship games the Friday/Saturday after Thanksgiving. I’d also like to see a requirement that you must play at least two non-conference games against Power Five/Six opponents every year, and you can only schedule an FCS team every three years.

That is not a revenue neutral or revenue generating proposal, even with a significantly bigger pop from playoff revenue. Media contracts for the regular season would be worth less per school, at least arguably, because you’ve got less content to offer. Most Power Five schools would be losing a home game, resulting in an additional revenue loss.

It would, however, IMO, give us fewer lousy regular season games and a playoff scheme that would be more in line with what is considered fair for every other college sports playoff system, including lower level football.



Your point of the lower NCAA Division playoff teams not playing at neutral sites is an extremely week defense.
These student athletes are traveling throughout the season regardless of Division, the only reason the lower Division playoffs aren’t played at neutral sites is completely revenue based and has nothing to do with the interest of the student athlete because one entire team and all of their coaches and support staff are traveling.
The breaking away from the BCS structure to a four team playoff was a big step in the right direction, but it will eventually be expanded and I just don’t see why they go ahead and get it done sooner than later.
Wether or not the number is 6 with a bye for the top two teams or 8 and no byes or 10 with a bye for the top two teams is coming, just a matter of what year.

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That could happen. If the NCAA expands the playoffs to 164 teams.

I know you jest, but I’m not sure any playoff number would satisfy some people. People wanted a playoff for years. We now have one with 4 teams. People want it expanded to 8. If that happens, you can bet many will clamor for 12 or 16. Surely there’s a limit, but I don’t know what it would be in the minds of some fans.

The problem now is that conference champions are shut out of the playoff. It is not that way in any other sport. When the conferences - the power ones, in particular - have an equal chance to win a national championship, talk of expansion will cool. An eight-team playoff will accomplish that, and I think it will happen in the next few years.

The flaw in that argument is that winning a conference championship - in ANY conference - has NEVER assured anyone of being considered for the National Championship in Football.

I go back to the culture of college football, that is unique among sports. It’s not about “who is best” but who has performed better, with competition factored in, than everyone else.

A 2 loss Big 10 Champion is not a candidate to be the Top ranked team in the country. Go back over 100+ years and you’ll see that is true. Why? BECAUSE THEY LOST TWO GAMES. Other teams - perhaps, teams not quite as talented as they are - have won their key games and are ranked/considered to have earned consideration while the two loss team has not.

Winning a conference - no matter which - is NOT enough in and of itself to be included. Never has been, never should be.

We’ll disagree. If winning a conference championship is grounds for automatic entry into every other postseason tournament in college athletics, it should be the same for football.


Basketball (takes almost everybody) and Baseball (play 5 times as many games as football; plays “best of” series in post-season) is NOT College football

Oranges and Apples.

Rules for how college Basketball and Baseball (or Soccer . . . or Volleyball . . . or Golf . . .) do NOT apply to Football.

And I stand by my prior statements; when, in the almost 150 years of college football, have you ever seen a 2 loss SEC Team play a 2 loss Big 12 team for the National Championship? Answer: never.

Just because you (and you are not alone - I know many others are on your side) would like to see it become “NFL Lite” does not mean the every-game-matters culture should change. Watch the Pros for what you want; keep college football the great game it is. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.

If you would like to know who has been the better team for the full time period of a college football season, including having their act together game 1, four teams at the end is enough.

If you want to determine who is the best team at the end of the time period after they’ve made all of their adjustments and injuries have had their affect on some teams, then expand the playoff to 8 or more.

And I really don’t care how the format works for other sports or division levels. I like to think at the beginning of the season the division1 football “tournament” or “playoff” has begun. Most likely a lot of high seeds are playing cream puff low seeds. However there are some “8” vs “9” or even a few “1” vs “2-3”. And those games matter just like they do in an end of year playoff.

Today when I think of who was the best team, I tend to think who was best all year topped off with two serious battles against the best in the arena at the end of the year. To me that is perfect.

If I just wanted to see more games, which I do as college football fan, play more regular season (i.e. “Tournament”) games.

Today what may not be addressed is whether a CFU, or other non power conference school, can compete in a full season “playoff” in a power conference. I personally doubt it, and rather take them as a conference champion or some selection you could put them in an end of year playoff with the power 5 or other schools who don’t make the top 3 and let them truly earn their way in with likely stronger competition. It gets messy but it would scratch the itch. The top 3 would get rewarded for the full season with a by, and the what ifs would have their chance to prove they should get a chance to play the top 3.

So…I wouldn’t change the full year “playoff” we have today, but if we did it would be something like the above.

It’s always good to take a stroll at College Football National Championship history when debating the best way to determine it.
Since it’s inception in 1869 their have been 2 Consensus National Champions with two loss seasons: LSU 2007 12W-2L and Minnesota 1960 8W-2L.
However, when you take a closer look at it their have been 20 other 2 loss teams that were voted a share of a National Title by some voting group.
Lots of controversy throughout the history of mythical National Champions being declared at regular seasons end and not after the Bowl games…i.e.1960 and 1964.
So, for those that tout 2 loss teams haven’t been National Champions in the past or should be left out of the Playoffs today that is just ludicrous and fortunately for fans that will more than likely change in the near future with playoff expansion.

Just a little fun fact for all of those Bama fans with the 17 National Championships that you claim. Alabama trails both Princeton 28 and Yale 27 albeit neither have added to those totals since 1950, I believe it’s safe to say the Crimson Tide won’t eclipse those title totals in my lifetime.

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I agree with Wiz. The problem isn’t whether college football “can” do it or that every other sport does it. Wiz & I both value the unique sport that college football is & has been over the 150 years it has existed. It just seems to me if people want college football to be the NFL, leave college football alone & be an NFL fan. For that matter, be a Div II college football fan. I don’t need a playoff to tell me Alabama is the best team in college football this year. I don’t need the MAC, Sunbelt or even PAC 12 champion in the playoff to prove it, either.

I personally liked it better when football, college ball, was a ten or eleven game schedule and maybe six bowl games of any importance.TV of course is the main reason for most of the changes.

Take all the picks away from the committee. Take conference champs group the power 5 conferences and build a format with the top seed getting the bye. Independent and Group of 5 play an annual bowl game against each other.
It really doesn’t matter how people want it the players that are difference makers aren’t going to play anyway!
There will be people for and against anything that happens. People like to gripe and complain.
What I would like to see is cutting the non conference games down by the SEC and have 2 more conference games for each team. 2 nonconferece games would be enough. Make the powerful independent Norte Dame join a league if they want in the CFB playoff. You can add UCF to that also. Bowl games have become a joke. In due time with TV money there may come a time when the number of bowl games reach 100.