So you are saying we still have a chance

That’s a really long shot. :flushed:

The shot got longer than it should have been after Bo Nix injury.

There’s also a four-way tie scenario where we win, and the tiebreak is head to head over Bama. That would require Auburn to lose to the Chickens but beat Bama.

After all the crap we’ve endured, Hogs deserve to win it. But,alas, I’m mostly a realist.

Jeff, could you update this thread as results come in to track our SECW viability?

LOL. Sure. The main thing that needs to happen is we beat Bama. Without that, nothing else works and Bama clinches the SECW. And the rest of the important games are largely next week – MSU has to beat Ole Miss, Auburn has to beat Bama, we have to beat Misery.

Here’s the thread where I laid it out.

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