So yesterday was the portal deadline

Looks like J Will is either gone or someone is not making it to campus.

I just have a sick feeling J Will is not coming back.

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Somebody tell me this is not true, please!

The big rumor is that if JWill comes back, the Twins are gone. Got no evidence or info on that. If JWill is gone, we will be fine. Muss is too good a coach and the talent we have coming in may take some time to gel, but they will come together and buy into Muss’s system. We should have faith, thank JWill for his time here, and root for him in the NBA.

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I don’t think JWill is likely to make or announce a decision until after the combine, which ends May 22. Which means Muss and everybody else just have to wait. But if he does leave, there are no need for further roster moves.

I would say that the passing of the portal deadline means that Jaxson, Devo and Kamani ain’t going anywhere. If more adjustments are needed, it’s gonna come from the transfers or new recruits (maybe a grayshirt?)

I still think there’s one other possibility. Someone could become a walk-on, but get an NIL deal that would cover all of their expenses. Doing that would effectively allow us to get around the scholarship limit and have 14 scholarship level players.
Now that would mean a lot of guys not getting playing time, but this staff is creative and I have to think that this is an option that they are considering.

I don’t know how probable this is for next year’s team but it is only a matter of time before a school uses this as a tool to expand their roster size.

I am looking at you Texas A$M…or Auburn

I posted this in another thread, but I bounced this idea off Andy Staples, college football writer for The Athletic, last week. He said he had absolutely talked to Group of 5 football coaches who were afraid that they would lose players to Power 5 schools without them getting a scholarship, just NIL money.

But Andy said there is another number that you need to take into account: 11, as in there are only 11 players on the field at the same time. If you aren’t playing, you’re not getting exposure to NFL scouts and the NIL money is going to go away.

The same applies to hoops, although the relevant number is 5. Nobody, and I mean nobody, has a 13-man rotation, much less 14 or 15. No scholarship and not playing either is no bueno

I think that makes perfect sense for players that are looking to go pro but if a school is in a pinch for a scholarship, as the Hogs may be, They may not get a prospective future pro to give up a scholarship but maybe a player like Kimani. I don’t think it would ever be something that happens on a regular basis but I can see how the system could be worked if needed.

I just don’t see Jaylin being a first rounder. Not sure about second round either. Admittedly I haven’t been deep in the mock drafts lately. But it looks like JD Notae and Drew Timme are surprisingly a couple of the possibilities for sneaking in with one of the last round two picks but jaylen williams, the 6-10 one, not so much

And what does Kamani or any of the others to do? Start a GoFundMe account to raise money to pay their own way?

I always detested Saban for pulling scholarships at the last second

My point was that they receive extra NIL to cover their lost scholarship, I am not advocating for it just discussing possibilities. I don’t think the Hogs would go that route but I think some other team will at some point for the guys on the end of the bench. After the portal entry deadline closes you can still pick up someone from the portal. Say Auburn really needs a center and there is one available but they really can’t go the route of not renewing a scholarship as the returning player can’t enter the portal…so you find enough NIL to cover the cost plus some for the scholarship and take the center. Like Swine said not really ideal but at some point I think a school pulls the trigger on something similar.

I could even take hogfanfish’s proposal in another direction.

Say that Kamani or Jaxon keep their scholarship, and Anthony Black gets an additional NIL deal for $40k to cover costs for next year. That could be on top of any other NIL deals he already had lined up. He declines the scholarship and is a walk-on. If he isn’t a walk-on, he doesn’t get the extra $40k NIL deal.

If an honest discussion was held with one of those end of the bench players about their potential playing time and they still decided not to transfer, they don’t have much room to be upset when they don’t play. Would there have been much difference in Chance Moore’s playing time this past year had he been a walk-on instead of on scholarship?

I absolutely see this being a way for the Power 5 schools to bring in additional talent.

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Maybe that is why Muss is showing interest in the South Dakota State guard? JWill comes back we are one over, the twins leave and we get a 3 point shooting guard as well.

I doubt Bama fans feel quite the same way.

Ah, you got news on the recruiting front?

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