So...would you rather play Miami or Oklahoma State in a Bowl? … son-week-2

When did they start doing Bowl projections after the first weekend? Seems like they started showing up around mid-October in the past.

I saw several bowl projections before the first game. Most of them had us going to Charlotte.

Oh, there are PRE-season picks for everything - conference champions, All-Americans, Bowls. I was talking about in-season, after play had started.

Guess it’s kind of like the stores and “Holidays”; I already spotted my first Jack-O-Lantern doodad at the grocery store before Labor Day!

I can’t think of much that’s less meaningful than a bowl projection done before or within the first 3-4 weeks of the season. Oh, one could project Alabama to the CFP, but short of something like that putting two teams together in any bowl is simply ludicrous. Those things aren’t very accurate in late November. Early September? Might as well predict the date the world ends.

when it was asked “Kansas State or West Virginia.”

I want to play the team that sucks more at running a spread offense.

One of the preseason projections I saw was the two ESPN guys that you cited. Evidently they’re going to do this every week until the bowls actually come out in December.

They’ve done this for at least a couple of years. It guarantees clicks.

ESPN does the same thing with basketball. We’ll see Joe Lunardi’s first bracket in October.

The day before Arkansas plays in the NC game. :cry: