So, with the latest departure

Do we have another Scholarship to offer?

No, we can only sign 29 period, would not matter if 20 players left. We also have i think 3 more players needed to leave by summer to get to our 85.

No, the whole team could transfer out, and we can still only sign 29.

No. Does not matter.

Can only give maximum of 25 each year plus what ever is left over from previous year until you have maximum of 85 on scholarship.

We awarded 21 last year so max is 29 this year and to give 29 this year more needs to leave to get to 85.

I’m told 5 more.

Does that 5 include Dee Walker?


There’s plenty of nominee’s for the trip!

And probably include Cantrell as well and it seems he wants to graduate and move on, you would think Hyatt would be ready to move on, but maybe playing time just isn’t as important to him as we think it should be.

I’ve already counted Austin in.

I only show 3 more, we currently have 86 counting commits and players “returning” on my list.
QB 5
RB 5
WR 11
OL 15
TE 4
DL 20
LB 8
DB 16
K/P 2

You might not be counting in commit/signees 28 and 29.

I’m going by what the guy who should know/is in charge is telling me.

I’ve got 86 with commits and returnees, two more makes 29. So, 88-3=85. It’s the same count your other recruiting writers have, so I guess they’re getting it from a different place than you.

Your LB numbers look a little off.

Harris, Morgan, Edwards, LaFrance, Henry, Pool, Parker, Walker, Zimos, and McClure. Should be 10.

I’m not positive but McClure came from MLB and I thought he wasn’t on scholarship.

D McClure was awarded a scholarship Aug. 2018, along with C Limpert and G Morgan. … 1398316681

Walker is gone, and McClure played “nickel”, thus with the DB’s in this count. The total is what matters, not the position.

Dudley is telling you your total is wrong. He’s getting it from the source. You’re guessing.

Lol, I’m telling him I’m getting it from the guys that get the same info as Dudley. So don’t assume I’m guessing at anything, mind you’re own business, lol. Now if the reporters at Rivals and 247 have been told different numbers, than so be it, maybe someone else has. They’ve listed their 86 on scholarship, committed, or have signed a LOI. When Dudley lists his, then we will have something to compare it with.