So . . . will Knight be the SEC Pitcher of the Year?

I’m not saying he’s the guy (necessarily) with the best MLB potential, or that he should be the highest draft pick among the SEC pitchers heading to pro ball this year.

But . . . it’s hard to argue with 9-0 as a “Friday night starter” (and, yes - I do realize some of his starts have been on other nights due to scheduling) in the SEC, where he’s gone against the cream of the crop in terms of other top level starting pitchers. Head to head, he’s beaten Singer, Mize and Rollison, and he was lifted 1/3 of an inning before he would have qualified to have a 10th win over Hjelle. He will finish the regular season undefeated with an ERA under 3.0 in the toughest league in America.

However, the media is in love with Mize and Singer. They are, without a doubt, outstanding pitchers on very good teams. But, so is Blaine. If the award is given for production on the field, it’s got to go to Knight. But somehow, I just don’t think it will.

I doubt it. I watched SEC Now last night after the Tennessee/Mizzou game. All that they could talk about was Mize and Singer.

I think Blaine is a great pitcher, but the pitcher of the year has to be Mize.

He has as many wins as Blaine, a lower ERA and his 15.5-to-1 strikeout to walk ratio is the best I have ever seen by a college pitcher. In my mind he should not only be SEC pitcher of the year, but national pitcher of the year.

He’ll probably be the No. 1 overall pick in the draft next month, too, so it’s not just media who like him.

See, this is my problem with awards like this. To me, the award should be given to the player who performed the best and won the games. As I said up front, I don’t necessarily think Blaine will be the best pro (but I will add that one never knows; let’s be honest . . . who here thought that Dallas Keuchel would win a Cy Young award at the time he finished his career at Arkansas?). But, he (and, yes, his team) prevailed when he pitched head-to-head against those guys. And it wasn’t like he simply had the better team (Singer’s team is number one, and he was pitching at home; Mize’s Auburn team will be hosting a Regional, it appears). In other words, I believe the award should be about results, not potential.

And, I do understand that Mize has other-worldly talent. But Knight out-pitched him on the day their teams met, and as a result, Arkansas has a bye in the SEC tournament (Auburn does not).

To me, it’s kind of like this. You have your Bowling team, and I have mine. On my team are two bowlers who will go on to star in the PBA; you have no such bowlers. But on the day we meet, your team wins the match. And, although my team posts a very good record over the course of the season, your team has a slightly better record. So, which team wins the Championship? The one with the bowlers that everyone knows has more talent, and are destined for pro careers? Or, the team that beat them head-to-head, and finished ahead of them in the standings?

Results have to matter in awards of this nature, IMO. And, by the way, isn’t that how/why Hjelle won this very award last season? No one necessarily thought he was the best pro prospect, as these same guys we’re talking about now were already getting a LOT of attention. It was the YEAR that he had that won it for him.

You can’t argue with his record that is for sure but hard to believe it will not be Mize his stats are unbelievable!

Won -loss record of pitchers may be the most meaningless stat out there.

ERA certainly is more telling, but WHIP may be the most telling stat or pitching performance

Mize deserves and will win the award in my opinion

I don’t agree in giving a pitcher of the year award for head-to-head results. There are too many variables to say that a pitcher was the reason a team won or lost a game. Take the LSU game, for example. Knight left in line for the loss, then the offense got him off the hook in the eighth. It was a similar situation last night, although he earned the win because he had not officially left the game.

Knight has had good stuff against quality starters and that has been impressive - I even wrote about it after he beat Hjelle, Singer, Rolison and Mize in consecutive weeks - but I don’t think it warrants a pitcher of the year award over others who have been more dominant.

Here are the stats for those that are probably in the running for pitcher of the year:

Blaine Knight: 9-0, 2.88 ERA, 81.1 innings, 82 strikeouts, 18 walks, .236 b/avg., 1.11 WHIP

Casey Mize: 9-3, 2.73 ERA, 89 IP, 124 strikeouts, 8 walks, .180 b/avg., 0.74 WHIP

Brady Singer: 10-1, 2.25 ERA, 88 IP, 92 strikeouts, 18 walks, .186 b/avg., 0.88 WHIP

Refer you thoughts to how Darren Mcfadden was treated when he was the best football player in college for 2 years and never won ! Singer will get it!

Unbelievable slight to not even be first team SEC with what Blaine has done this year, IMO.

There are only two slots for first-team starting pitchers on the All-SEC team. When you look at the stats, Mize and Singer had better years.