so..why not Steve Caldwell as D.C?

i saw in an earlier post that a lot were in favor of Steve Caldwell returning if John Chavis was named defensive coordinator…why not bring Caldwell in as the d.c.?with all the years he has coached…i’d bet he could be in charge of a defense.

He has never coordinated his own defense and has not been a co-coordinator since 1994 at Nevada. He would be an underwhelming hire to that position given Morris’ “best defensive coordinator in the country” talk, plus he has no ties to this coaching staff and minimal ties to the Razorbacks. I just don’t see it being a remote possibility.

Since he coached for us and recruited Dietrich Wise and the best bunch of defensive ends ever seen at Arkansas, I would say he might have a tie or two. If Chavis ended up being the DC, he and Chavis go back a long ways at Tennessee.

I did not say he did not have ties. I said they are minimal. He was here for three seasons, which is less time than he spent at almost all of the other programs he has coached.