So who's available after Campbell tonight?

I really hope Isaiah can go deep tonight. We’ll probably see at least 5 Innings of the unhittable Kevin Abel. Gotta be in it to win it.

I have no idea. I suppose Reindl can go, but he hasn’t been reliable. Bonin, perhaps Ramage. Scoggins. Perhaps Evan Lee.

Abel pitched & warmed up last night. I’m sure he starts, but don’t know how long he can go. Maybe he won’t have a good night.

I’m pessimistic, though. All the intangibles are on OSU’s bench. Our players are down & probably slept poorly replaying that game & asking “what if?” OSU is feeling great. They came back after trailing in the 9th with 2 outs. Their sense of relief & increase in confidence, especially after winning all their elimination games.

I’m sick & am afraid we’ll think about one pop up foul ball that “might have been” for a long time.

I’ll start driving right now…surely I can give us a inning or two!! obviously the answer is Reindl but he looked like a scared little girl!! man up and throw the way you’re capable dude!

Yep…Reindl looked terrified like he did in the Supers. That’s a shame too cuz he’s capable of going some innings when he’s “right”

Can’t we say he’s looked uncomfortable or acted nervous without comparing him a scared little girl or imploring him to “man up?” All of us are bothered by his performance, but none of us have ever been out there under the stress he’s under. Yes, others are handling it much better, but let’s remember, these are our kids. They are not pros. Let’s at least be kind to them. Nobody feels worse than they do.

You’re right I got carried away there a little bit but I know he can pitch a whole lot better than he has just don’t understand why he look so out of sorts same way in our Super Regional. Hopefully tonight he will be on his best and can give us quite a few innings

Just to be clear…
Campbell and Reindl are fresh as daisies.

If both pitch to their capabilities, that is enough for a complete game. I cannot imagine OSU has pitching to match that. But every reliever they have thrown out at us has dominated.

It could be enough; it just probably won’t be. So we have to assume that we’ll need someone else. Question is, who will they be?

DVH said at his presser after the game we might get an inning out of Loseke. Maybe Lee - who has had some quality stints at times, though not recently - is an unlikely hero for us tonight.

Someone is going to need to be, almost certainly.

That is an awfully unpleasant truth.