So who's attending a high school game tonight?

I will be somewhere at Father John Dempsey field in Sainte Genevieve Mo, for the 4th Friday night in a row. I will look for the most isolated seat I can find or just roam. I view cheerleader spittle as my greatest threat, so I’ll steer clear of them while also avoiding the concession and bathroom areas. What’s your plan for dodging wuhan/covid?

Wish I had a game to go to. I would but alas, there are none and our local HS field is 1.75 mi from here.

If I was going, I would not worry too much about others except perhaps the young ones.

Funny how things have changed. There was a time at least 100 years ago that avoiding Cheerleader spittle or anything else was not the goal. It was to swap spit. Oh well, we all get old. Probably wise to stay away from all the yelling this fall because I bet they are still swapping spit with each other, virus or no virus.

Tonight will probably be the only night of Friday night football I miss this year. Prior commitment.

I’ll be attending my 11 year old grandson’s baseball game. Then tomorrow morning his football game. Then Sunday his baseball games again.

Love HS football but watching my grands is much better.

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For many years, my brothers and I would pick a game in the area and go. This year, in Southwest Missouri, the schools I have contacted are using a voucher system with limited tickets (parents get 1st opportunity, then students, and public if any are left). They have to be picked up during school hours. That is difficult since we might go to Webb City one week, Nixa the next week. I have been watching whatever games are streaming online - but I can watch 2-3, sometimes 4, games on a Friday.

I’ve been to a high school game the past four weeks, including a preseason game. This will probably be the only week I’m not at one until November. It’s a family night.

RepMo how does Lamar look this year. Our Valle Warriors scheduled them on a home and home contract a few years ago to get better non conference competition. They got that and then some. Valle could really use some better competition this year. So far they are 4-0 and have outscored their opponents 220-14.

Eagle, they are still one of the better small-class teams in the area. Bailey stepped down in January (a surprise to a lot of people). Former player Jared Beshore (4-time All-State and 4-time state champion) took over. He installed an RPO offense but still utilizes some components of Bailey’s Smoke & Mirrors offense. Last night, while trying to burn clock in the 4th quarter, they ran the wishbone and drove down for the field for a TD.

I enjoy watching Valle. I’ve seen them a couple times at the Show Me Bowl.

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I’ve been to some all masked up and stayed as far away from others as I can.

It was a perfect night with Fall in the Air in Beautiful Greensburg, Kentucky

Even with COVID it was great to see a crowd - even if it was limited to sit with family units

The Dagons Played hard but sadly like our Razorbacks are going thru a winless streak

Im starting to think the Razorbacks and Greensburg Dragins are tied at the hip - Arkansas wins I think our local team will


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I have plans to be on hand in Greenwood Friday night when the Bulldogs host Little Rock Parkview.

That oughta be a good un Duds. A real test for Greenwood’s Defense.

I just heard from the young man that works for me that he will have to do football practice starting Thur. because they will get to start playing Oct. 2. I will be good to go see them play. Always makes for a fun evening and two of the boys help me here quite a bit. That helps and they are good kids.

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