So, who you got in the NFL games today?

I am picking the Chiefs and the Eagles even thought I am pulling for the Bengals and 49ers. If Mahomes is truly limited, it may be the difference. I don’t see the Bengals stopping Travis Kelce if Mahomes is good to go. The CBS experts are picking the Bengals. They know more than me.

The 49ers and the Eagles have the best rosters in the NFL, so this one will come down to quarterback play, and I believe Jalen Hurts will best Brock Purdy.

2 great games with 4 outstanding teams…no Cinderellas here, just studs.

Late report has Travis Kelce with back spasms…uh oh.

Guessing bengals/eagles, but I really don’t start watching till play offs. I do think being a 3rd string QB will be tested today.

Chiefs and Eagles.

Not surprised if Bengals win. They and Chiefs are very evenly matched.

I think the 49ers run is fixin to end

I’m at my parents’ house in Bryant this afternoon, watching on my phone. They have DirecTV and Fox has pulled off DTV in another game of TV-carrier chicken. So I’m logged on to my home YTTV watching Eagles-49ers.

Eagles and Bengals. I think Kelce and PM will be limited today.

Hmm… that’s odd. I got DirectTV in Fort Smith and my Fox is just fine… currently watching the Eagles v 49’ers.

I didn’t realize when Direct TV was fighting it was a regional thing. So I guess its the local regional station that fighting for more money.

Dre Greenlaw with the bad facemask call late in the first half, which led to a touchdown on the next play. 21-7 at the half. SF is on their fourth-string QB; Brock Purdy hurt his elbow on a strip sack.

They don’t have utubetv?

Nope, but I do, which is how I’m watching on my computer.

Apparently Travis Kelce’s back leaves him as a game time decision. Another reason to lean toward Cincy.

Ok, thought maybe you could mirror to tv or use a usb cord to connect.

I could on my TV, but I don’t know the setup on Dad’s Sony. He’s not watching anyway, it’s just me. And I’m probably about to start bouncing back and forth with the women’s hoops game.

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And now the fourth stringer banged his head on the ground and Purdy is going to try to play. If he can’t go, Christian McCaffrey is the emergency QB.

Tom Brady…Come on down…

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