So who will dance alongside Nance?

Mercifully, we do have one WR on this team who has played better than advertised. Unfortunately, I’m sure he is now a marked man. Jonathan Nance is going to get a lot of attention going forward. Especially since J-red’s season appears to be over. Jordan Jones showed his speed on a couple of runs, but he appears to just not understand the finer points of route running. He gives up on plays rather than coming back and helping his QB out. You can see that Austin is very frustrated with him. La Michael Pettway got noticed for one thing Saturday. A foolish and costly procedure penalty. I think that play may tell us something about why he is not in the rotation. I continue to be underwhelmed by Deon Stewart. At best he might work his way to serviceable. So who does that leave? Waiting on a medical miracle for Money Martin’s hammy to heal? Jarrod Barnes may be the guy who has to step up. Is he healthy and getting reps? I know he doesn’t have a lot of WR experience, but by all accounts, he’s football smart and a hard worker with excellent speed and athleticism. I hope he gets a lot of work this week. I know it’s pointless to cry about it now, but not red shirting Drew Morgan his frosh year is really biting us in the hiney now.

First I suspect that Jordan Jones will become a bigger part of the offense. His biggest issue so far has been getting to the wrong place quickly. I am sure that will improve. He has such speed that if properly harnessed and utilize will validate that Alabama, Auburn and many others besides Arkansas wanted him.

Jonathan Nance, LaMichael Pettway and TJ Hammonds are listed Cornelius’ back ups.

Devion Warren and Jarrod Barnes will likely now get more reps now even though they are not listed at Cornelius’ spot

Brandon Martin - who I remind again is just a sophomore and has three years to play three - has all the tools except health at this moment.

There is potential there, but alas people use the word potential because of lack of productivity to this point.

Yeah all Drew did was block on KR return and didn’t catch a pass. With him this is a totally different offense.

I don’t know if his body will hold up, but we should get Cornelius back next year. I’m fairly certain he tore his Achilles which would be a season ended. Still qualifies for a redshirt.