So, who will be returnees next year?

Like everyone’s thoughts. At this time the only players I feel 100% certain about are

Devo, Jaylin, JD, and Kimani.

I agree with you

Think Vance will be back too.

Had not thought about Vance. But you are right he is a strong possibility.

I think he’d be the least likely to return. He’s not playing, he can’t play enough D to get minutes from Muss, and he rarely even showed the one skill he does have, deep shooting.

I think Muss will also sit down with CV and either say, this is what you need to do before October to get minutes, or there ain’t no way you’re getting minutes and you need to go. However, because CV has already transferred once, he’s not eligible for the free transfer unless the NCAA modifies the proposal (same applies for Baybe and JD). Which will probably need to be modified anyway because the Justice Department thinks it’s too restrictive.

There have been rumbles that KK’s camp isn’t happy but certainly he has a chance to play a lot next year, especially with Desi leaving.

I agree Swine, the first 4 PJ posted are the only ones I’m positive will be back. The rest to me are question marks.

Swine, care to share this inside info on Desi? You make it sound like a done deal he is gone. Maybe this has been discussed somewhere else and I just missed it, but sure thought he was a junior and therefore coming back. To this point he has not done enough to warrant anything professional.

It’s linked elsewhere in the board
He is entering the portal
Also had some comments on Twitter about being “held back”

Well, with the transfer portal, the free Covid extra year, and the one time immediate eligibility for transfers, couldn’t you say about the same for most teams. Starters and high minute underclassmen would be about the only sure things for most teams.

I really hope KK returns, especially since he was slowed by the foot injury dating back all the way to pre-season. I think he will be a huge part of the team if he returns 100% healthy.

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And not necessarily even that. Hence the departure of Desi who played 20 minutes per game. That’s pretty high minutes for a bench player.

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Are we limited by how many transfers we can have in a season I wonder?

Feels like the transfer portal will need to be very good to us this year

That average of 20 is front heavy, meaning he played a lot of minutes in the first half of the season, even started. If you take out the last two games against ORU and Baylor, I bet his average dips into single digits.

Don’t disagree, but we’ll take a look.
He started the first 11 games, but minutes varied widely (he only played 13 against Lipscomb for instance)
Georgia was the first game he didn’t start but he got 22 minutes anyway.
29 at LSU
Started again at Bama, played 22
32 off the bench in Auburn-2
Started/23 minutes at Vandy
Started/24 vs OM
Started/14 at Okie Lite
Bench/4 vs Moo U
Bench/10 at Kentucky
Bench/21 at Misery
Bench/5 vs. Florida
Bench/10 Bama-2
Bench/6 LSU-2
Bench/26 at Poultry
Bench/5 A&M
Bench/26 Misery-3
Bench/4 LSU-3
Bench/12 Colgate
Bench/2 TTech
Bench/27 ORU-2
Bench/30 Baylor

So he didn’t start the last 14 games, but played 188 minutes in those 14 games, an average of 13.4. And he also got big minutes off the bench against Georgia, LSU and Auburn-2.

Subtract those 57 minutes against ORU and Baylor, that leaves 131 minutes in 12 games, or 10.9.

Looking at those numbers, it seems to be a matchup thing as well as foul trouble. He played 37, 21 and 26 minutes against Misery, so evidently Muss thought he was a good matchup with their guards. Against Moo U and A&M, not so much, but I also noticed he didn’t make a shot from the floor in either one of those games in those limited minutes.

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So what about Tate? I know he is a Sr but weren’t all players granted an extra year due to Covid?

Tate hasn’t said anything, but I don’t think anyone expects him to return. I’d love it if he did though. And in Bob Holt’s season-end wrapup today, Tate was kinda talking about the rest of the team without him, or at least that’s how I read it.

That would be amazing. If he comes back he could probably be our “Mitchell for Baylor”. The team leader no doubt. He took a big step forward this season with his 3 point shot. If he can take another step this off-season, he would be a monster on the offensive end, as well as on the defensive end. Maybe a sure fire first round draft pick.

I expect Williams, Devo, Notae, Vanover, Johnson, Robinson, and Henderson to return at this point.

  • Williams, Devo, JD, and Johnson are obvious
  • Robinson- I have no inside info, but I would think KK figures big into future plans. We need guards who can get into the lane whenever they want.
  • Conner is a Muss recruit, and he remains an intriguing option. I believe he has a high enough ceiling and seems to be a good person with a good attitude that you want in the locker room. Deficiencies aside, he has the potential to be “most improved” among the returnees.
  • Henderson is a very good 10th, 11th, or 12th option. Someone has to be in that role. My guess is he is a valuable practice player. He has shown that he can provide very valuable spot minutes, and seems to have a great attitude… important for locker room chemistry. I’m glad he’s a Razorback and I suspect he is too. Besides, unlike some message board posters’ agenda to “purge” the roster, it is bad form to run off the Arkansas kids that want to be here.

Let me be clear, I’m just trying to read the tea leaves and guess who might stay and who might go. And Ethan has been largely buried on the bench for two years. He may want to go somewhere where he’ll get more minutes. If he wants to stay, and Muss wants him to stay, great. He’s shown flashes of very good play in the last two seasons. I hope those flashes turn into consistent performances.

I agree with you about Connor: One, he’s a Muss guy, and two, you can’t teach 7-3 with a three-point stroke. But his shot isn’t enough to overcome his defensive liabilities at this point. I’m hoping that changes over the summer.

That’s exactly what I think about Ethan as well. He may decide to stay, may not. With the kids we know are coming and looking at who Muss is speaking to in the portal, would lead me to believe Henderson would move even closer to the end of the bench. (I thought the same thing about Desi)

Running them off and them leaving on their own accord are 2 different things. Then their are mutual agreements.
Some things are just not made public though until much later.