So, who starts

at QB next week?

Cole tried very hard. OL again & again. Killing us.

Where did I get the idea CBB— OL is what he builds. Fire Anderson. Like tonight on the plane trip home…

I think the line that started tonight should start again ( maybe start Merreck instead of Johnny) & I think if AA is 100% he starts . ( I’d rather Cole start personally) . If AA is not effective Cole comes in

I just listened to CBB press conference and he didn’t say this explicitly but it didn’t sound like Allen will be ready against Auburn. They knew that he was out this week as early as Monday.

Kelley needs to start the rest of the year IMO. He gives us a better chance. I like his confidence and just overall presence compard to Austin.

AA might just be hurt more than we will ever know.

It’s a big decision IMO due to the FACT this just might have a bearing on IF CBB is here this next year or not.

WE just can’t get the breaks. With KH and a drew Morgan VS a receiving group that didn’t have more that 7 catches in the 1st or 2nd game whenever they were it…I think we might have been a much differant record.

Another POINT I don’t understand CBB teams were the least Penalized in the NATION and what are we not… Well not good.

Fire the entire coaching staff

Bret, Enos, Anderson

What a joke

I don’t think it’s a certainty Austin is back in the near future.

You would think he does step back into the job if/when he comes back, but if Cole plays really well over the course of a few games and the team rallies around him (which it seems they like him a lot), you never know.

I’ll be shocked if Anderson returns. I could be wrong. But some of Bret’s comments last week told me something I have suspected. he mentioned that sometimes you can focus too much on technique…and forget to just be physical. I think Anderson lacks the intuition to know how much to focus on technique…and when to make things simple and let them go play physical. I think Pittman had that intuition and knowledge…how much to focus on technique…and how much to just say “go beat the hell outta somebody.”

I suspect the offensive line changes came down from CBB. Over-ruling Anderson. I do not know that for a fact. But facts do show that the run game and offensive line play took a sharp nosedive as soon as Pittman walked out. That is indisputable. I think Bret likes Anderson and doesn’t want to criticize him publicly. I’ll bet he helps him move on at season’s end.

Fizt Hill can crow about how we lack speed all day long. What we really lack is a good offensive line. If Bielema doesn’t improve that next year…and I am betting he is given one more year…he will indeed be gone.

Sir I didn’t say fire everybody. What a joke statement Sir. Wholesale changes on the line I’m betting CBB had a lot to do with that. In other words Anderson is a lame duck coach. He’s gone at the end of the season…

Because of his size, his arm and his positive attitude, Kelly give the Hogs a better chance to win than does Allen, who hasn’t been sharp yet in his fifth year season. AA has been so shell shocked because of the weak OL, I can’t say that it should be unexpected. Speaking of the OL, it was great to see Rogers get the start. I think they are close to staring their best five there. If CBB is here another year, the pain is just being extended unnecessarily. I love the guy but he has Head Coach in front of his name and he is 4-10 against power five teams over the past season and a half.
I also love the way the defense stiffened after getting down early but how are you not performing that way getting off the bus? There were several that played with intensity throughout the game but not enough (not that my expectation was to keep it close-we are nowhere near Bama’s talent or coaching).

If I was BB and felt like I would not get bought out after the season, I would start Kelley. If I thought I had to win 4 of the last 5 to have a chance to stick around, I would probably go week to week after AA heals enough to get back in the lineup.

Kelley is unafraid to make mistakes, has a big arm, and because of his size can sometimes get passes off when people are hanging on him. He has more “it” factor than any one in the program in a while. It is also interesting that the receivers seem to be getting a bit more in sync with him than they were with AA, for whatever reason. Once the game slows down a bit for Kelley, I think he’s going to be pretty special.

Kelley, for more than one reason, reminds me a bit of Big Ben. I don’t recall seeing Big Ben play in college at all, but I would like to see some old tape of him as a redshirt freshman/soph to see if there really is some similarity other than size. Of course Big Ben was playing in the MAC, not the SEC, so the school of hard knocks probably wasn’t as tough.

I think the program will be better in the long run if Kelley starts the rest of the year, but I’m not coaching for my job.

Think of Kelly in this way: he has now seen and survived the biggest, worstest, most horrible collection of 5-star defensive starters ever assembled on a collegiate team. From now on, what he sees will not be near as bad. He should begin to flourish, especially when he and the receivers begin to click. At that time defenses will have to honor his throwing capability and back off the line of scrimmage, and our running game will flourish again. All this is predicated on giving Kelly meaningful experience EACH remaining game.

Austin is likely going to be out another 1-3 weeks

So Cole is likely to get at least one more start.

If he leads the team to an upset of Auburn, he might get plenty more.

I thinks it’s obvious that the entire staff is inept. Not one thing I saw last night in Bryant Denny leads me to believe we’ll win a SEC game Sir! It is what it is, 50+ years of being a fan this one is tough Sir!

Don’t think AA will be physically ready to play before Coastal Carolina, not that it matters who starts. Halfway through the season and you’re still trying to figure out the offensive line, that says a lot about the OL coach and BB and its not good.

have no idea what they wil do with anderson at Buffalo they were number 2 rushing team in the NFL and at Eastern Michigan they had a good rushing attack of course Buffalo record has not been very good and Eastern Michigan do not know about there Record he does not stay at one place very long While here at Arkansas Austin Allen has been the most hit quarterback in the nation

achievement was being an All-Big 10 as a center at Michigan where he snapped to Tom Brady.

He did so against Arkansas in the Citrus Bowl

he looked like a frosh making his first start, on the road, at Bama, with tons of pressure. but he also looks like he had fun, competed his tail off, and did not shy from the moment. even game the zebras the business a couple times! He acts like he’s “the man”, and the team seems to respond to that.

so I say keep him. AA’s body language is terrible, and he really just seems broken since Auburn last year which is really a shame, since he appears to be a great person, and he played SO WELL to start last season. Maybe he’s come back from his injury, and be the old AA again.

I also like the OLine yesterday. didn’t block great, but there’s no way they were going to .

With this OL and with this QB, at least we have HOPE. for this year and next. which is a nice change from 48 hours ago.


ps defense was decent as well, really like Curl and DiJohn (sp?) and agim

The OL not liking Austin Allen is just a silly, silly notion.

You are bettter than that

He keeps improving on the “All Big” since the Citrus Bowl…