So who’s worse

Perry C. Or Mike Morris!

Not even in the same ball park. Morris was using a MLB strike zone. Just
a bit too tight to make a good college game. He was fair and he was the
same across the board.

Fair and Costello are two words that will never go together when the Hogs
are involved. Bad history there.

Morris was a good Ump. Just needs to loosen up on the zone a bit.

Hands down Perry Costello is horrid!

If you also remember when we were in the regional at Arizona St, Costello called us out twice in the same game on batter’s interference while we were stealing. Changed the game. His issues go much deeper than just the inability to call a consistent strike zone.

Morris missed some strikes that were in the middle of the plate. Yes, he was tight on the outside, but I don’t understand some of the balls he called that were clearly strikes, most notably on Bonnin.

He did the same thing to Murphy and then gave the Poultry a called 3rd strike on Bonfield that was in the same location! He didn’t call the same both ways. It shouldn’t matter about a batter being right or left handed the plate doesn’t move at all a strike is a strike and he stunk it up!

Speaking of Bonnin. I was impressed with his velocity and calmness. Well, maybe he was not so calm with Morris.

I agree with Clay. Morris really blew it with Bonnin. Badly.

Costello played a big role in the final game of two of Arkansas’ greatest seasons, in 2010 at the Tempe Super Regional and in 2012 at the College World Series. I was at both games and couldn’t believe what I saw from the stands. It was worse when I saw the replays.

He will always be the standard by which other umpires are graded by Arkansas fans.

I’d like to take both umpires on a snipe hunt! I’d take them out of cell phone service area and make them miserable.